IYZ Business and Management


This course will give you an excellent grounding in the basics of business, encompassing key accounting, economics and management principles.

International Year Zero, Business and Management will give you an excellent grounding in the basics of business, encompassing key accounting, economics and management principles. You will also develop skills in mathematics that are vital for your degree studies.

Modules you will study

Data Analysis

Data Analysis enables you to work with data for the purpose of solving real-life problems in the context of your chosen field of study. You will be introduced to basic statistical concepts, topics and methods, as well as statistical packages to help you collate and present data in forms that aid effective analysis and interpretation.

UK Government and Society

UK Government and Society provides students with an introduction to the main features of British democracy, exploring key features of British society, class, ethnicity, gender and human rights.

Introduction to Accounting

This introduction looks at the basic mechanics and processes of financial accounting in both theory and practice. The module aims to help you understand the importance of both financial and management accounting procedures in running a business effectively and providing data for decision-making.

Business Functions

The overall aim of this module is to provide you with a basic understanding of business and management studies, by introducing you to the standard departments within a business such as finance, marketing and human resource management.

International Business Management

International Business Management looks at business structure and the impact of internal and external factors on business growth and development. You will evaluate the ways in which businesses have made an impact on society and the environment, and the need for businesses to behave in an ethical and sustainable way. You will also consider the impact of modern technology on businesses and how they need to respond to change and innovation.

Introduction to Economics

This introduction aims to provide you with a basic understanding of micro and macroeconomics. You will consider different economic models, the importance of (and basis for) governments' economic decisions, and the significance of key indicators such as GDP, inflation and unemployment. You will also consider external influences and constraints on government action, such as EU membership and the impact of globalisation.

Core modules

As well as modules unique to your specific route, you will also study several core modules common to each course. The core modules are:

English for Academic Purposes

This module aims to help you achieve the equivalent of IELTS 6.0 (with no skill below 5.5) for continuation to further study at University of Greenwich. Through this course, you will be made aware of the critical importance of English competence in the context of your ongoing academic studies.

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy develops your computing skills in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It further helps you to develop research skills through appropriate use of the Internet, and shows how using both the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) and social media can help you communicate effectively with your tutors and fellow students.

Project Study

The Project Study module will help you develop the skills required to plan, research, write and deliver a project within your subject area. You will have the opportunity to study all aspects of a project related to your particular field of study, identify and develop the skills to enable you to realise the project, and report your findings both in written form and through a presentation.

Continuation Degrees

  • BA (Hons) Accounting and Financial Information Systems
  • BA (Hons) Business with Finance
  • BA (Hons) Business Management
  • BA (Hons) Business Logistics and Transport Management
  • BA (Hons) Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • BA (Hons) Business Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
  • BA (Hons) Business with Marketing
  • BA (Hons) Business Studies
  • BA (Hons) Business Economics
  • BA (Hons) Human Resource Management
  • BSc (Hons) Economics
  • BA (Hons) Events Management
  • BA (Hons) Hospitality Management
  • BA (Hons) Advertising and Digital Marketing Communications
  • BA (Hons) Marketing Management
  • BA (Hons) Tourism and Management

Entry requirements for IYZ courses