According to Charlotte, studying maths at Greenwich has plenty of pluses...

Londoner Charlotte Lindsay joined the university as a mature student and is studying a mathematics and economics degree.

"I decided to come to the University of Greenwich because it had a good reputation for mathematics," she says. "The location was a plus as there was no other campus in London like Greenwich."

She finds it hard to choose the best part of her programme. "All aspects of my course are really interesting. Mathematics is seen as a challenging subject, but I love it. I enjoy being challenged every day. If I weren't, I wouldn't be so engaged."

Greenwich students are encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities to improve their career opportunities. "I attended networking events at investment banks. These gave me the opportunity to learn more about company culture and possible career routes."

Charlotte also volunteered as a maths tutor in a girls' secondary school. "That was a great moment for me as I had the chance to see the pupils progress. The school was really happy with my tutoring. Some of the pupils even said they wanted to fail the exam so I could keep tutoring them!"

Charlotte's also enjoyed her stint as social media communicator for MathSoc, the university's mathematics society. She was not a regular user of social media, but this encouraged her to take the role. "It was an opportunity to do something I hadn't done before. It was interesting and eye opening as to how influential social media could be."

Charlotte is a big fan of travelling and exploring new cultures. In her spare time, she's studying two languages and is learning to play the guitar and piano. She's also looking for opportunities to volunteer in her local community.

Ultimately, Charlotte wants to qualify as an actuary and go into investment or asset management. She's about to sit professional exams as a steppingstone to her future career and is also considering a Master's in maths.