Mature student Paul was keen to get into his new career as quickly as possible so he chose Greenwich, one of the few places that offered an accelerated two-year degree programme in primary education.

Paul Wolfe has just finished the accelerated two-year primary education degree and is about to start a PGCE at the university. Coming back to education after a 20-year break was a challenge for the former car salesman from Leigh on Sea and he took an access course at his local college to prepare for the academic demands of a university degree.

"I chose Greenwich because of its excellent reputation for primary education and it's also one of the few places that offers the two-year accelerated programme," says Paul. "I didn't know it would be such a friendly, relaxed place and so geared towards teaching. The lecturers aren't doing it just as a job. They're doing it as a passion, which rubs off on me and the other students."

A keen gardener and nature lover, Paul also helped out in the community garden at the Avery Hill Campus and has managed to combine his two passions – gardening and teaching – by taking a placement at a local forest school. He keeps his mind and body in good shape with regular yoga and meditation sessions.

Once he has his PGCE, he plans to gain some global experience by teaching abroad for a short time. He's excited about finally doing something that he loves and advises anyone in their midlife who is looking to change careers to just go for it.