The university and the mix of languages and cultures - it's like a family.

Nina Kant Manda was born and raised in Moscow, but her heritage is a mix of Indian, Nepalese and Russian. She's studied in three countries: Russia, India and now the UK, where she's currently in the third year of a psychology degree. 

She first heard about the University of Greenwich at school: "Some of my supervisors suggest that Greenwich was a good university to go to, with a beautiful campus and amazing location. I looked into it and compared Greenwich to other universities. I decided to come here as the psychology programme seemed really good."

She singles out courses on behaviour and the workings of the brain as highlights of her programme. She's also proud of her growing ability to analyse statistics, which has proved particularly useful for her dissertation on social media and self-esteem.

Nina loves the feel of the university and the mix of languages and cultures: "It's like a family. People know each other and hang out all the time. Everyone is so close, which is incredible."

The university's Employability & Careers Service has helped Nina prepare for the world of work, giving her advice on sharpening her CV and looking for internship, placement and career opportunities.

She's also found time to volunteer and is currently helping a family with an autistic child. "I've seen the improvement in his social skills and behavior, and I feel proud for actually changing someone's future. I think that this is one of my proudest moments while studying here."

Coming to the end of her studies, Nina is now looking towards the future. She is considering going on to a Master's degree, perhaps in neuropsychology or in marketing and advertising psychology: "They're quite different areas, so I'm still trying both out. Maybe I'll be able to incorporate them into one career path. Let's see how it goes!"