Going back to education after working and traveling was a challenge for Aishling, but support from her peers and tutors has helped her succeed.

Aishling Egan applied to the university while she was in Australia, where she was working as a receptionist and events coordinator. "I didn't take the typical route from school to university as I was working abroad when I decided I wanted to go back and study," says Aishling, who's originally from Dublin. By using Facebook to get in touch with students on the primary education programme, she got a feel of what it was like and what they enjoyed about their studies.

Going back to study mode was challenging but support from her peers, the programme leaders and tutors has helped Aishling succeed. "What I'll miss most about the university is the staff and the amazing support they offer. They really encourage you to have your own voice and ideas," says Aishling. She is now in her final year and is due to start the Teach First programme in September, during which she will be teaching at a school for two years and completing a PGCE.

She is hoping that her PGCE will give her lots of opportunities to travel and would like to live in Ireland again. As well as travelling, Aishling enjoys walking her Jack Russell Alfie and going to the cinema.