Philosophy of Management 2018 is the 13th in a series of conferences open to all. It will be of special interest to philosophers, management researchers and teachers, consultants and practising managers.

Philosophy of Management 2018 Conference Publications:

18-02 Ramsha Naeem: A Virtue Ethics Perspective on Motivation

18-03 Vanessa Lam: Caring for Stakeholders: An Ethics of Care Approach to Stakeholder Theory

18-04 Ruth Berenson: Regionally Speaking: Cultural Leadership and Capacity Building in the Asia Pacific Region

18-06 Donald Nordberg: Familiar places or liminal spaces? Using de Certeau and Turner to examine codification and resilience in corporate governance

18-07 Lauri Laine: An Entrepreneurial Philosophy of Innovation

18-08 Gareth Craze: Sweet Talk: The Ethical Imperative of Employee Wellness Initiatives and Health Coaching to Reduce Sugar Consumption in the Workplace

18-09 Gabriel J. Costello: Erasmus, Luther and the Free Will Debate: Influencing the Philosophy of Management 500 Years on –whether we realise it or not!

18-10 Loek Shönbeck: Humanity and Community

18-11 Leslie E. Sekerka Returning to Kantian Principles: Fostering Respect by Embracing Tribal-Collectivism in Management Education

18-12 David Ardagh: An Organisational/ Business Ethics Acronym

18-13 Patricia Grant: The ethicality of creating the position of sustainability manager

18-14 Gabriel J. Costello: Aristotle's phronesis: Putting Some meat on the Philosophy of Innovation

18-16 Karin Bauer: Interconnectedness and the Self in Indian Thought and Implications for Stakeholder Theory

18-18 Jelle van Baardewijk, Johan: An ethical fundament for the ecological business model: From stakeholder model to the communitarian approach

18-20 Margalit Toledo, David Mckie: Dialogue vs. Persuasion: Differences and contemporary challenges in managing ethical organisational communication on social media

18-21 David C Bauman: Socrates' Meno for Managers: Can Virtue Be Taught?

18-22 Miriam Green: Is Post-modernism to Blame for Our Post-truth World?" Some answers, with particular reference to management scholarship

18-23 Pepe Lee Chang, Meghan Thornton-Lugo: When Should the Organization be Expected to Punish Employees' Extra-organizational Activities?

18-24 David Mckie, Margalit Toledano: Giving up the ghost: Communication, complexity, and smart surrender

18-26 Federich Glauner: When Sociopaths Speak of Love. The Riddle of Values in Management Theory and Management Practice

18-28 Johann Jakob, Häußbermann, Fabian Schroth: Extending the Research Agenda: Towards an Integration of Normative Economics and Innovation Ethics

18-29 Soraia Schutel, Eugenio Perdozo: Human Ontology & Management Epistemology: a new comprehension of human being for a new organizational theory and practice

18-30 Amsale Kassahun Temesgen, Vivi Storsletten, ove Jakobsen: Circular economy – Reducing negative symptoms or increasing positive synergy? It depends on ontology and epistemology

18-31 Feyyat Kaymaz: Philosophy of the Disruptive Innovation

18-32 Johan Rochel, Michael Bourban: Synergies in innovation: Mapping and structuring the emerging field of innovation ethics

18-33 Saskia van den Muijesenberg, Vincent Blok: Towards a Normative Framework for Conducting Business in the Circular Economy

18-34 Anke turner, Subhasis Chakrabati, Joanna Rowe: Caring Entrepreneurship in Vendanta Philosophy: Improving stakeholder Relations through inner Transformation

18-35 Marja-liisa Kakkuri-Knuuttila: What we may learn in a dialogue?

18-36 Milutin Stojanovic: A Conceptualisation of Ecological Management

18-37 Miguel Alzola: Normativity and Description: Business Ethics as a Moral Science

18-38 Sira Abenoza Gonzalez: We need to talk: an exploration on why we don't dialogue as much as we should

18-39 Sira Abenoza Gonzalez: Teaching how to dialogue: transforming duty into reality

18-40 Harald Stelzer: The Normative Evaluation of Climate Engineering

18-41 Daniele Ruggiu: Inescapable Frameworks: Ethics of Care, Ethics of Rights and the Responsible Research and Innovation Model

18-42 Eda Keskin: Responsible Innovation and Smart Cities

18-43 Marian Eabrasu: A philosophical critique of the obligation to comply with the law in CSR

18-44 David Wilson: How Not to be a Good Machiavellian

18-45 Eva Tsahuridu: Disclosing clients' illegal activities: shall we praise the accountant?

18-46 Tuomo Peltonen: Towards a philosophical spirituality of organization in the footsteps of Plato and Eric Voegelin

18-48 Yotam Lurie:If Management is neither a Profession nor a Science: Drucker Revisited

18-50 Alicia Henning, Matthias Niedenführ: Bringing Ethics back to Management: Perspectives from Confucianism and Daoism

18-51 Job Timmermans & Vincent Blok A Hermeneutic Reflection on the Paradigm-level Assumptions underlying RRI

18-52 Vincent Blok: Philosophy of innovation, responsible innovation, and innovation ethics

18-53 Andrew Cullison: Skill Development Equity and The Ethics of Delegation

18-54 Alicia Henning and Wendin Dai: The Aesthetics of Virtue: Exploring Chinese Thinking through Traditional Chinese Paintings

18-55 David Shaw: On Misunderstanding Heraclitus: The Justice of Organisation Structure

18-56 Kai Alhanen: Dialogue, Power and Leadership

18-57 Kristof Van Rossem: What is management? Introduction into Socratic dialogue

18-58 Hans Bennink: Organizational learning and anxiety