BA Hons Accounting and Finance, Analyst- Consolidation and Reporting at Barclays

Has university prepared you for life after studying in the business world?

Yes, throughout my four years at university I feel like I've really improved upon my confidence and I'm able to go into a career after graduating. They gave me the support to improve my employability.

What did University of Greenwich do to help improve your employability?

The university offers a career mentoring scheme for a six month period where students are linked with a professional in industry. I was partnered up with Northern Trust. There is a real opportunity to outline career goals and also prepare for mock interviews.

How has your placement year benefited you?

It really gives you the opportunity to take on projects from the offset. The experience of coming to Canary Wharf every month was fantastic it's very hustle and bustle and everyone's always moving, it's very motivating to be in an area like this.

What advice would you give students joining the university this September?

To be open minded, adaptable, take part in any activities that you may find interesting, it's a really good opportunity to meet people, step outside of your comfort zone and you never know what you might enjoy and what this may lead you to.