Co-Work Space

Find out more about our co-work space and the benefits of using it!

Our Co-Work Space

In September 2019, we were delighted to open the University of Greenwich's first co-work space. This space is perfect for students and alumni (up to 2 years out) who are building a business or social enterprise - no matter what the stage. The area has been designed to foster creativity and innovation with features such as our living wall.

When using the space, you will be able to use one of our many different types of workstations and can also use our kitchen and coffee machine. We have a fantastic range of workstations such as sofas, desks and communal tables so you can choose where you work and how you work!

By becoming a member, you will also be able to take advantage of our new rewards scheme and our member only events. See below for more information about these schemes and how to become a member of our community.

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Other spaces

On top of our fantastic hot desk area we also have two other spaces that members are able to access. Within the co-work space, we have a small meeting room which can be used by our members at any time. This is perfect for those important business calls that you need some privacy for. We also have larger meeting rooms which are available on request. To access these meeting rooms, you will need to request this with us at least 48 hours before your booking.


Becoming a member of our co-working community could not be any easier! This space can be used by any current student or recent graduate (up to 2 years out) at any stage of developing your enterprise. Whether you're still in the initial idea stage, just launching your enterprise or already trading, you can become a member. All you have to do is complete the quick form below to tell us a bit about you and your enterprise.

Please click here to fill out membership form

Once you have completed your membership application, you will be sent a welcome pack that contains more information about our space and what we offer, as well as information about how to book your first visit and how to reach us.

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  • Use of communal areas (Kitchen, Hot Desks)
  • Access to our rewards scheme
  • Use of kitchen appliances including coffee machine
  • Access to private meeting rooms
  • Join our community of entrepreneurs and experts
  • Free access to a stress-free workplace

Rewards Scheme

  • Bronze Award - After 5 bookings of our space you will receive a professional headshot photograph.
    The 5 bookings must take place within 3 months of first visit.
  • Silver Award – After 15 bookings of our space we will list your company website and a case study on our university website, which provides a great boost to your SEO.
    The 15 bookings must take place within 6 months of first visit.
  • Gold Award - After 30 bookings of our space you will be eligible to host your own event at the co-work space.
    The 30 bookings must take place within 9 months of first visit.


Outside of our co-work space, we also have access to a workshop room which is used to host many of our events such as Power Talks, #GreStartUp and the Enterprise Challenge. Please see our Events page for more details about the Generators upcoming events.