What is #GreHacks?

#GreHacks is a 2-day event where student teams compete to solve bespoke challenges set by businesses and organisations. Working with industry experts and mentors, you will be able to develop your problem solving, presentation and networking skills before presenting your solutions to a panel of judges on the final day. You will make friends, learn new skills, and have fun!

Each hack will give you the opportunity to solve real problems that businesses and social enterprises are facing; tap into your creativity, knowledge, and intuition to help them come up with innovative solutions.

All our hacks will be held in person this year!

Upcoming Events

Pixel Pond

24th – 25th May 2022

Pixel Pond are recruiters who believe that the workplace thrives on diversity and are driven by the philosophy that when people bring their authentic selves to work the stage is set for innovation and progress. This forward-thinking recruiter has made it its mission to match design, technology and product experts from underrepresented backgrounds with jobs they’ll love.

  • Challenge 1: Develop a strategy outlining how Pixel Pond can harness technology such as virtual reality and augmented reality to match more candidates with the right roles, reach and support more candidates and enhance the job-hunting experience for applicants.
  • Challenge 2: Develop a strategy showing how Pixel Pond can nurture a network of micro communities organised around candidates’ skill sets, interests and backgrounds.

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Previous Events

Below you can find out more about some of our previous hacks.

Cassava Republic Press

November 2020

Cassava Republic Press is an award-winning independent publisher of Black writers who publish across number of genres including literary fiction, crime, non-fiction, children's YA, and romance. Participating in this hack will give you first-hand experience of the publishing industry.

The challenges:
  • Challenge 1: Create a crowdfunding campaign to garner real and tangible support for CRP
  • Challenge 2: Build an audience for CRP books in UK universities

Tree Shepherd

January 2021

Tree Shepherd is a social enterprise, committed to helping inner cities thrive by empowering residents through employment and enterprise. Their mission is to create employment and transform deprived areas into thriving communities through bringing the talents of local people and local enterprises into collaborative networks.

The challenges:
  • Challenge 1: Diversify TS's business
  • Challenge 2: Expand TS's mentor base
  • Challenge 3: Identify potential funders and produce a winning pitch
  • Challenge 4: Redesign TS's Website
  • Challenge 5: Create a Marketing and Social Media Strategy

Made In Greenwich

February 2021

Made in Greenwich is a community led shop, run by the GCDA (Greenwich Co-operative Development Agency), a not-for profit organisation that has been working in the borough for more than 40 years. Their goal is to provide local artists, craftspeople, and food entrepreneurs with an affordable platform from which to sell their work in a supportive environment.

The challenges:
  • Challenge 1: MIG would like you to develop a strategy to amplify their online presence, drive visitors to their website and increase their online sales
  • Challenge 2: MIG would like to relaunch their cookery clubs with a focus on FUTURE COOKS targeting either the student population or children

Peabody Group

May 2021

Peabody is one of London's oldest and largest housing associations, managing over 66,000 homes across London and the South East. Their mission is to help people, households, and communities to be more resilient so that people are better able to handle life’s challenges, keep their tenancies and live independent and happy lives. Peabody also provide an extensive range of community programmes.

The challenges:
  • Challenge 1: Develop a strategy to make walking and cycling safer, and more appealing for Thamesmead residents
  • Challenge 2: Develop a strategy to support and empower young people via employability and training


November 2021

BookLove is an inclusive multicultural travelling book carnival that brings diverse books to the public. You can find us at schools, libraries and at events such as markets and festivals.  We create an exciting atmosphere that encourages people to associate books with joy by decorating our stall with colourful fabric, playing music and setting out instruments for people to play themselves, and inviting people to read books together on carpets.

The challenges:
  • Challenge 1: Website Makeover
  • Challenge 2: Online sales strategy
  • Challenge 3: BookLove Rebranding Challenge


February 2022

Kilnbridge is an engineering and construction business. Operating as a turnkey specialist structures contractor, they undertake enabling works, complex structural alterations, civil engineering and infrastructure works, reinforced concrete basements, sub and superstructure frame construction and structural steelwork along with dedicated business units in concrete cutting, passive fire protection and waste management.

The challenges:
  • Challenge 1: What strategies should Kilnbridge adopt to increase recruitment of apprentices and then once they’re in the company, and perhaps more of a challenge, to keep them engaged such that apprentice retention rates are improved?
  • Challenge 2: What strategies should we adopt to increase the number of female applicants to Kilnbridge? Different strategies are likely to be required to attract apprentices, graduates, back-office workers, or experienced tradespersons, engineers, or managers.
  • Challenge  3: Devise a re-usable cost-effective solution for measuring concrete pressure within a formwork shutter

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