Disabled Staff Community

Our community was established to provide support and empower staff experiencing a spectrum of disabilities. At heart we aim to raise awareness and sensitise colleagues to our barriers, capabilities and experiences.

Available here | Our Anthology, Histories of Disability: The good and the great, the bad and the ugly  

The Disabled Staff Community’s Histories of Disability exhibition, developed in partnership with colleagues, students and friends from STAART and NADSN, is now available to view or download

Long term, our aim is to publish these stories, to continue to promote their reach and to use them as a medium for creating greater understanding and sensitivity both at home and across NADSN’s network of UK Higher Education Institutions. If this exhibition has inspired you, you have any questions or feedback to share, please do drop us a line at disability@gre.ac.uk

This University Mental Health Day, we shared what mental health means to our community, how we are positioned to provide support, what services are available and when to reach out for help

Key for all staff experiencing mental health challenges we signposted:

Our university's Confidential Care services freely available through the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Maximus – a government funded scheme providing direct support and advocacy, to negotiate reasonable adjustments, access to work and returning to work after a period of sickness

And how to contact our Mental Health First Aiders

Act now: The earlier you reach out for help the more help you can receive

Disabled Staff Community Logo


The Disabled Staff Community is open to all university staff who self-identify as disabled, those fulfilling care roles or community allies. Members are invited to take support, inspiration and develop understanding from community engagement.


Provide a safe space: To establish a supportive and confidential forum, for the sharing of personal experiences, networking and discussing the issues that affect disabled staff employed by the university.

Encourage a creative space: To debate issues, foster solutions and make recommendations.

Enable improvement: To inform the development of institutional policies and practices relating to disabled stakeholders across the university.

Promote advancement: To promote the interests of disabled staff and to raise awareness of the intersecting characteristics impacting equality, diversity, and inclusion.


Opportunity: To open opportunities for disabled staff by showcasing community achievements and improving representation through enhanced stakeholder awareness.

Recognition: To celebrate the achievements and successes of our disabled staff, and disabled persons within the wider community. Demonstrating and promoting what is possible, charting the successes of the community and defining the support required to make it happen.

Empowerment: To inspire our members and allies to strive for progression within their careers. Showcasing skills and ambitions, telling stories and developing understanding. Inspiring, supporting and enabling our members to achieve their ambitions.

Executive Committee

The executive committee represents, leads and undertakes the work of the community.

The executive committee 2022/23:

Our Co-chairs are elected to lead the community and hold responsibility for the strategic delivery of the community's aims and values.

  • Alan Dudley
  • Matthew Nadeau
Executive officers 

Our Executive Officers are elected to provide support in relation to community operations. Our Executive Officers represent related professional specialisms, intersectional characteristics that empower the work of the community and direct engagement with leadership development.

  • Beverley Woodhams
  • Irfan Chishti
  • James Chick
  • Louise Hewitt
  • Maira Pasmaki
  • Melanie Thorley
  • Mostafa Azzi
  • Vikki Wood
To learn more or join our staff community, email: Disability@gre.ac.uk

Disability Confident Employer Level 2

Aim to become Disability Confident Leader Level 3 by 2025

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