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In the modern world we depend on engineering for everything from our phones to our houses. All of them use different aspects of engineering to bring them to action.

Make advances. Study engineering.

Interested in the pursuit of innovation and discovery? We offer a range of engineering courses to suit all industries and interests. Explore the opportunities.

What we teach

Students benefit from our outstanding teaching, innovative research and links with industry.

Chemical engineering degrees

Study in specialist laboratory facilities at our Medway Campus where you’ll gain the skills and knowledge you need to become a professional chemical engineer, using the latest equipment and simulation software.

Civil engineering degrees

Discover pioneering approaches in specialist laboratory facilities on our Medway Campus, where you will use the latest surveying equipment and learn how to apply them in real-world scenarios.

Computer engineering and cybernetics degrees

These pioneering degrees combine technical engineering with an impressive depth of computer theory. You'll gain the specialist knowledge and skills needed to work in this cutting-edge industry.

Construction degrees

Our range of courses, some of which are professionally accredited, will give you the skills and knowledge you need to start, or develop, your career.

Electrical and electronic engineering degrees

Learn how to make the world a better, more connected place. You will study in specialist lab facilities on our Medway Campus and benefit from our close ties with engineering companies such as BAE Systems and Ford.

Engineering management degrees

Combine solid technical skills in engineering with business enterprise management skills. Studying on our Medway Campus, you will benefit from specialist and integrated lab facilities.

Engineering technology degrees

Learn how to apply engineering to a range of real-world problems. Studying on our Medway Campus, you will develop the skills and knowledge you need to drive changes in product design using the latest technological advances.

Mechanical engineering degrees

This is one of the broadest areas of engineering. You will learn about the design, construction and operation of mechanical systems. Studying at our Medway Campus, you’ll benefit from our strong links with local industry.

  • Having another IET accredited qualification has allowed myself and others to recognise the diverse skillset I possess and the asset I can be for a company.

    - Kumar Vaidikar, MSc Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering graduate 2021, Sales and Applications Engineer

  • It goes without saying I wouldn’t have landed my job without my degree… Completing your degree is an amazing achievement.

    - Tom Carter, BEng Civil Engineering graduate 2021, Site Engineer

  • My lecturers and supervisors believed in my potential, I will miss them and the friends I made during my time at university.

    - Ruth Tela, Engineering Management MEng (2018)

Retrain or upskill with new Level 4 construction courses at the University of Greenwich

Level 4 Design and Build Technician and Construction Site Supervisor CertHE courses will allow students to prepare for highly-sought skilled jobs in the construction industry.

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