CBNA Summer School in Social Network analysis Events

13th Jun 2018 - 22nd Jun 2018

Greenwich Campus

Hamilton House, 15 Park Vista, Greenwich, London SE10 9LZ

CBNA Summer School in Social Network Analysis 2018

The Centre for Business Network Analysis (CBNA) at the University of Greenwich, London, is hosting the 7th edition of its Summer School in Social Network Analysis.

In 2018 the CBNA is hosting the following two workshops:

  • A 5-day Greenwich Accelerated Development Programme (GADPro) in Social Networks. The GADPro workshop offers to both professionals and academics the opportunity to learn how a network approach can help them shed new light on the research, management or policy issues they face. Each year the theoretical and hands-on lab sessions offered in the programme share a common theme and focus on a specific research and policy area.
    • The thematic edition of the 2018 GADPro will be dedicated to Social Networks in Health. Participants will learn how to use SNA to address major issues in the study of health care, health management, and in the study of health-related individual behaviour.
    • Dates: 18 - 22 June

Please note that the two workshops are standalone offers. 

The 3-day workshop is introductory only, and provides an overview of general topics and tools in Social Network Analysis.The 5-day workshop teaches from basic to more advanced topics and tools in Social Network Analysis, and apply them to the specific case of health care and health care settings


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The workshops will be held at our Hamilton House Conference Centre

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Unfortunately the building has no disabled access and there is no parking available on site.