Foundation degrees

Why a foundation degree?

Foundation degrees are designed to prepare you for skilled employment or enable you to be more effective in your current work.

Foundation degrees are designed to prepare you for worthwhile, skilled employment, or to enable you to be more effective and gain more rewards, including promotion, in your current work, or get more suitable employment and advance your career.

There is also the option to progress to a full honours degree, if you want this. University of Greenwich foundation degrees have "top-up" arrangements to a full honours degree and, in some cases, professional accreditation. These usually involve a bridging programme, which is a short period of part-time study at the end of the foundation degree, to allow admission to the final year of the honours degree.

How would a foundation degree improve my job prospects?

Foundation degree graduates and their employers have identified these benefits:

  • Greater confidence in the workplace
  • New abilities to tackle problems and take on projects
  • Spur to taking on new responsibilities
  • Ability to identify and analyse issues relating to their organisation or business
  • Demonstrable ability to add value to their employer's business
  • Platform to achieve promotion
  • Opening up job opportunities