Greenwich Maritime Centre

Featured Artist

Welcome to the featured artist section of the GMC website. At regular intervals through the year the GMC will feature artists whose work relates to maritime issues.

Art can be a powerful way of communicating. It tells a story that words alone cannot. One of the aims of the GMC is to help people 'see the sea' - to see and appreciate its multiple personalities and uses. Art can inspire, provoke, move and excite. Through the GMS's Featured Artist initiative, and exhibitions we hold, we hope to connect people with our oceans and seas.

Our current Featured Artist is Simon Read and our previous artists can be found on the menu on your right or by clicking here.

Submission guidelines

If you work in 2D art including painting, drawing and photography and would like to have your work recognised as the GMC Featured Artist please email the following information to

  • Three examples of your work (each file size should not exceed about 1MB and be in JPEG format. It is recommended that each image be approximately 600-1000 pixels along the long edge to facilitate displaying on a wide range of monitors). Name each image so it is clearly identifiable.
  • 200 words (Microsoft Word format) artist statement explaining the connection between your work and maritime issues
  • A 200 word brief biography for inclusion on the website and a CV.