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Find out how to study or work abroad during your degree.

As a student at the University of Greenwich, generous funding is available for you to spend time abroad at one of our partner universities, or to attend a partially-funded international summer school. Students who go abroad during their degree have been shown by UUKi to be more employable and to graduate with higher grades.

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The amount I have learnt and the experience I have gained is enormous. Personally, I have grown more from my year abroad than anything I have ever experienced.

- Samantha Fogden, Haaga-Helia University, Finland

A year later I feel like a new person. I am more confident, patient, understanding, and much more resilient. I gained a lot of skills that I could never have developed if I hadn’t studied abroad.

- Timea Palfi, University of Rijeka, Croatia

Working or studying abroad is challenging and requires a lot of courage, however, it's a very rewarding process. The time flies so fast, and you don't even notice how much you learnt, not only about the cultures but about yourself too!

- Silvija Danauskaite, Universidad San Jorge, Spain

I cannot even begin to sum up the incredible experiences I have had, studying abroad! I visited all parts of the country, saw animals I had never seen before, and have made friends for life. A semester or an academic year abroad will blow your mind, expectations and any presumptions you may have.

- Rebecca Davidson, Aarhus University, Denmark