Information Security is quite simply everyone's responsibility. Understanding the risks and consequences of bad information security can be difficult.

We all need to take the security of information very seriously. There have been numerous reports in the media of confidential data such as personal records being 'lost' through loss or theft of laptops or backup drives.

Information protection and management is of critical importance to the University - without adequate security measures, years of research data, personal information or sensitive documents could be put at risk.

The security of confidential information is the responsibility of the individual member of staff or student NOT the University itself, nor the line manager or Head of Department.

Protecting you computer and mobile devices

Any device that connects to the Internet, an email service or even those that simply use removable media, such as a USB stick or SD card, is at risk from cyber security threats. 

Portable devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets are also a popular physical target for thieves.

Keeping all you data secure

Staff and students are responsible for the security of their own personal information and devices.

Members of staff are also are responsible for the security of all the data they may have access to.  Failure to protect information is a serious offence and carries serious consequences, not just for the individuals involved and the university, but also for those whose data has been entrusted to the university. 

Protect yourself online

As ever more people and businesses go online, the number and the ingenuity of hackers, fraudsters, criminals and cyberbullies increases. These people will target you with malicious or abusive emails, posts on social media and texts, with the aim of getting your personal information and your money.


The University's Information Assurance and Security Committee is responsible for
leading the University's information security programme and promote good information security governance, and to provide oversight of the University's data protection responsibilities including but not limited to compliance to the GDPR.

Information Security documentation

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