Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Enterprise consultancy

A list of business services provided by the faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The faculty actively pursues new enterprise opportunities in order to add economic, social and cultural value to the academic community and to deliver a competitive advantage to the business community.

The expansion of enterprise activities, business research partnerships, consultancies, and the practical application of academic research are all key aspects of the faculty's plans for the future.


We have has strong links with cultural, business and educational groups at both a local, national and international level. We are currently developing a portfolio of language courses to deliver to the communities in east London, including Language and Cultural Awareness courses, whilst at the same time we are delivering a training programme for language teachers in Greece and Turkey.


Our staff are confident, flexible researchers, artists, scientists and teachers, and are adept at working with groups of all ages and backgrounds, delivering research and consultancy, in advisory or training scenarios, or delivering expert commentary in media situations.