Business, Human Rights and the Environment Research Group

Postgraduate Research

Postgraduate Research Degrees (MPhil/PhD)

Current students and their projects:
Mainoona AminTackling modern slavery: Challenges, solutions and the effectiveness of Government policy
Chen LongCorporate Social Responsibility and Social Enterprise in China’s Textile Sector

Olakunle Oni

Curbing Money Laundering in Emerging Economies- A case study of Nigeria

Lamine Mohamed Sari

The Exclusive Flag State Jurisdiction (EFSJ) and International Maritime Security: an analysis of State Practice
Martina TrusgnachProtecting human rights in global supply chains in times of pandemic and beyond: the role of public procurement

Current students are encouraged to publish the ongoing research, including Master’s research. They are supported to present the annual departmental student conference in addition to other external and internal seminars. We support PhD students in their teaching training. PhD students are encouraged to undertake some light teaching and to become recognised by the Higher Education Association during their programmes.

Former students and their projects:

Several of our students have completed their PhD and MPhil degrees. Many remain associated to the BHRE and continue to work with us in current projects.

William Rook, MPhilResponsible Resettlement: Implementing the Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights in the Context on Mining Induced Displacement and Resettlement.  July 2018.

Victoria Mitchell, PhD

Maritime Security Cooperation in the Gulf of Guinea: A Role for Cooperative Sovereignty (pass with minor corrections). June 2019.
Veronica Torres, PhDA Human Right to Land for Local Communities: A Proposal in the Context of Transnational Corporations’ Control of Land Use. September 2019.
Louise Hewitt, PhDUN Security Council Resolution 1373: The substantive basis for a developing legal framework for the prevention and suppression of acts of terrorism. March 2020.

Postgraduate Taught Degrees (LLM)

International & Commercial Law, LLM

Our LLM includes cutting edge of our research in our related modules: International Human Rights Law, Business, Human Rights and the Environment and Corporate Crimes.

At undergraduate level we teach other related courses: Transnational Organised Illegal Networks and International Human Rights Law.