Professor Bruce Cronin MA, MSc, PhD, SFHEA

Professor of Economic Sociology

Professor Bruce Cronin specialises in the role of business networks in strategy and innovation within and across organisational and national boundaries. He is Director of the Centre for Business Network Analysis and Co-Director of the Networks and Urban Systems Centre.

His corporate clients have included Defra, Ernst & Young, Institute of Management Consultants, London Knowledge Network, McGraw-Hill, Nesta, NHS, Northern Trust, Oxford University Press, Pearson, Pensions Regulator, Thackray Williams, Work Foundation, Unilever, Universities UK.

Networks and Urban Systems Centre
Centre for Business Network Analysis

Responsibilities within the university

Teaching and administrative activities

MPhil/PhD supervision


Ali Al Busaidi: Socialisation during organisational onboarding.

Yehui Hu: Evolution of guanxi within Chinese large-scale exhibition service market

Bertha Okpara: The role of collaboration and social networks in achievement of change management and project success in the pharmaceutical sector.

Birant Osaman: Innovation networks in the pharmaceutical Industry

Christiana Smith: Networks of oligopoly: An exploration of how social structure and individual perception impact collaboration in the UK construction industry

Feng Zhang: Chinese corporate overseas direct investment in London


Dr Aya Awad: Sustainable development strategy for informal settlement in Egypt, Cairo (PhD).

Dr Christos Bassa: Deciphering strategies to manage knowledge creation processes: leveraging product and technology development (PhD).

Dr Dawn Foster: Collaborative online innovation networks (PhD).

Dr Emmanuel Igwe: Social preference behaviour and reciprocity in labour market operations (PhD).

Dr Matthew Smith: International trade and investment networks (PhD).

Dr Sergey Sosnovskikh: Effective management in developing Special Economic Zones in the Russian Federation (PhD).

Dr Stefanos Michiotis: Towards an archetypal change model for organisations (PhD).

Dr Srinidhi Vasudevan: Financial performance effects of interlocking directorships (PhD).

Bankole Olagbaiye: Project and process management in the context of organisational complexity (MPhil).

Imad Guenane: Organisational process spillovers from foreign direct investment in Algeria (MPhil).

Shir Ali Narouei: An empirical investigation into the UK profit rate 1949-1998 (MPhil).

Ann Braithwaite, Mapping knowledge flows using archetypes (MRes).


  • Director, World Economics Association
  • Treasurer, Association for Heterodox Economics
  • Subject Editor, Business Networks and Innovation, Connections, Journal of the International Network of Social Network Analysts
  • Member of the editorial boards of the Forum for Social Economics, Connections and The Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change.


Member of the international advisory boards for:

  • European Knowledge Management Conference
  • International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations
  • International Conference on Knowledge Management and Information Sharing
  • World Association for Political Economy

Research / Scholarly interests

  • Epistemic communities
  • International production and trade networks
  • Business-governmental relationships
  • Managerial career networks

Recent publications


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Book section

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Conference item

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Edited book

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Working paper

Heemskerk, Eelke M. , Young, Kevin, Takes, Frank, Cronin, Bruce , Garcia-Bernardo, Javier , Popov, Vladimir , Winecoff, William , Folke Henriksen, Lasse , Laurin-Lamothe, Audrey (2016), Big Corporate Network Data: Problems, Diagnostics, and Fixes. Social Science Research Network. In: , , , . Social Science Research Network, (doi: