NUSC | Networks and Urban Systems Centre

Networks and Urban Systems Centre

A research centre with multi-disciplinary expertise exploring the expanding frontiers of urban challenges and opportunities to improve quality of life, competitiveness and sustainability.

About us

The Networks and Urban Systems Centre was established in 2018 as a collaborative endeavour between the former Centre for Business Network Analysis and the Connected Cities Research Group, both based in the Business School at the University of Greenwich.

The international team of NUSC members conducts high-quality academic research published in top scientific journals, organises and delivers regular and intensive training activities in both the UK and overseas, and provides consulting and contract research for public and private organisations.

NUSC expertise ranges from survey methods, social network analysis, network analytics and modeling, systems dynamics, transport simulation, statistics, business analytics, ethics, strategy and wider business ecosystems analyses, computational modeling to qualitative methods.


The mission of the Networks and Urban Systems Centre is to bring together multi-disciplinary expertise to explore the expanding frontiers of urban challenges and opportunities to improve quality of life, competitiveness and sustainability in our dynamic modern society.


The Networks and Urban Systems Centre aims to develop effective and sustainable solutions to:

  • distributed and overlapping production systems, e.g. IT clusters, health;
  • healthy and high quality urban ecosystems;
  • business models for technologically transformed social systems;
  • global value chains

What are urban centres?

Urban centres are essential points for economic activities and engines of economic growth. Significant societal challenges (demographics, urbanisation, climate change, resource crises and global competition) are creating diverse problems with different regional, political, legal, technical, and economic contexts.

All these challenging areas for future successful cities cannot be easily answered from a single technical or non-technical perspective. Cities partner with industries, organisations and other cities and create complex networks that exchange information, build capacities, expand resources and enhance capitals of various forms.

What we do?

NUSC is an active academic player. NUSC members frequently speak in major international scientific conferences, publish in top international journals and are editorial board members of specialised and broad-audience journals.

NUSC members also design courses and provide academic and corporate training in software and analysis, problem-solving and software consultancy, and research methods, supervise PhD students, present to corporate audiences and develop commissioned research in the UK and overseas.

NUSC is constantly looking to expand its academic and industrial collaboration network and open to different formats of collaborations such as joint PhD projects, research proposals or consulting. Contact us to discuss possibilities.



Our Experts


Deputy Directors


Professor Dotun Adebanjo

Professor of Supply Chain Management

Dr Kim Bui

Lecturer in International Business

Jin Chan

Associate Professor of Sustainable Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Dr Anlan Chen

Lecturer in Strategic Entrepreneurship

Dr Pi-Chi Chen

Senior Lecturer in International Business

Professor J. Andres Coca-Stefaniak

Professor of Tourism, Events and Sustainability

Dr Katharina De Vita

Lecturer in Creativity and Innovation

Dr Riccardo De Vita

Head of School for Business, Operations and Strategy

Dr Nicky Garsten

Associate Professor in Non-Profit and Business Communications and Co-Leader of the Personal Professional Development Curriculum Redesign in the Business Faculty

Dr Stefano Ghinoi

Lecturer in Economic Sociology

Dr Sara Gorgoni

Associate Professor in Economics, Programme Leader, BA Hons Business Economics

Dr Ilaria Guandalini

Lecturer in Business Management, Programme Director of Executive MBA

Zheyuan Hu


Quang (James) Huy Duong

Lecturer in Business Operations

Dr Magdalena Langosch

Lecturer in International Business

Dr Hanif Malekpoor

Research Fellow

Dr Francesca Pallotti

Associate Professor in Economic Sociology

Nicola Perra

Associate Professor in Network Science

Mark Phillimore

Senior Lecturer - Public Relations

Dr Athina Piterou

Lecturer in sustainability

Dr Vladimir Popov

Research Assistant

Dr Antoinette Saint Hilaire

Senior Lecturer, Management

Dr Franziska Sohns

Senior Lecturer in International Business

Aaron Tan

Teaching Fellow in Entrepreneurship

Dr Srinidhi Vasudevan

Lecturer in Business Management

Navneet Walia


Dr Shuai Zhang

Lecturer Business Strategy

PhD Students