Thomas Kiu

Dr Thomas Kiu BSc (Hons), MSc & PhD

Assistant Professor & Lecturer in Business Analytics

Key details

Dr Thomas Kiu

Assistant Professor & Lecturer in Business Analytics

Thomas Kiu is an Assistant Professor of Business Analytics at the University of Greenwich. His research explores the dynamic relationship between technology, organisations, and employees (i.e., human resource management) in the 21st century.

Thomas is passionate about new business models that drive systemic change. His work draws on theories of SHRM and leadership to explore how organisations develop, leverage, and respond to substantial technological change. In other words, his research uses both quantitative and qualitative techniques to uncover the dynamics of innovation at an individual and organisational level.

Furthermore, his research also focuses on artificial intelligence and analytics, with a particular emphasis on the potential organisational and/or individual benefits and risks. This includes mapping how artificial intelligence and analytics are being used to promote sustainable development and considering associated harms throughout the whole technology value chain. One specific area that Thomas is investigating is the implications and impacts of artificial intelligence, big data and HR analytics in the European Union.

Prior to joining Greenwich Business School, Thomas completed his doctor of philosophy (PhD) at DBS at Durham University, from which he also holds an MSc in Management (Finance). Previously, he also worked as a business analyst in Scotland.

Research / Scholarly interests

  • Human Resource Management
  • Technology adoption (Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data)
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Employee-Organisational Relations
  • Leadership

Recent publications

  • An evidence-based review of HR Analytics and artificial intelligence | In preparation
  • The implications and impacts of artificial intelligence, big data and HR analytics in HRM: A critical analysis of EU enterprise | In preparation
  • The impacts of HR analytics on corporate financial performance – A Moderated Mediation Model | In preparation


  • Formulating a research plan from a qualitative and quantitative perspective, Luxembourg
  • Leadership…Rebooting, The 19th International Studying Leadership, UK
  • School of Management and Marketing (The University of Durham), UK