Why your support matters

Whatever the size or nature of your gift, your generosity has a huge impact on our community.

Thank you

Whatever the size or nature of your gift and wherever you choose to direct it, your generosity has a huge impact on our community. Our Supporter Roll recognises the generosity of our supporters in 2020/21 - thank you.

Thank you for giving to Greenwich.

We are living through unprecedented times, and our priority is the wellbeing of our students. You have partnered with us to provide urgent support and guidance.

We also regularly receive support that allows us to offer a unique experience to our students, providing first-hand insights and exclusive opportunities to support their future careers.

Should you wish to get in touch about your gift, please contact the Alumni and Development team by emailing alumni@gre.ac.uk

Meet our supporters and recipients

Santander Universities UK

Santander Universities UK has provided lots of support during 2020/21 to students and graduates of the University of Greenwich. The Freelancer Scheme and the Online Self-Development Programme are two of many different initiatives that ran over the past year.

About Santander's contribution.

Ambitious About Autism

This year the University of Greenwich teamed up with Santander Universities UK and Ambitious About Autism to provide summer internships for autistic students and recent graduates. This scheme helps to employability for autistic graduates who typically struggle to find work after university, by providing training for employers and paid eight-week internships over summer, two of which were based in the Alumni Team.

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John Maynard

Long before John (MA History, 2019) came to study at University of Greenwich, he co-founded a UK-based contact lens and contact lens solutions manufacturing company, developing it over 30 years into a multi-national business. John was not content with a well-earned retirement and instead embarked on several new projects, including a Master's at Greenwich. He has since volunteered to mentor student entrepreneurs and he also sponsors a PhD scholarship, a range of student prizes and most recently, the Visionary Scholarship, removing financial barriers to joining university.

About John's contribution.

Byron Cole

There are lots of ways alumni and friends can support our students. Whether from donating money or providing time through volunteering and mentoring, supporters can offer an invaluable benefit to our students. Byron Cole is one member of the alumni community who does it all.

About Byron's contribution.

Bethan Burnside

Bethan (BSc Psychology, 2019) received the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence which recognises students who have demonstrated excellence, from academic innovation to supporting the local community. An active member of the student community, Bethan has since completed a Masters and hopes to undertake a PhD, she said: “Due to my lack of prior formal education I’d never received anything of the like before and was quite proud of the progress I’d made over the past few years to get to that point.”

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Nima Haftbaradaran

Nima (BEng Hons Engineering MGT, 2021) relied upon using computers and software on campus. During Covid-19 his lecturer informed him that additional financial support was available and Nima received a laptop, enabling him to upload the software he needed. Nima said: “This has made me realise even more that Greenwich fully supports students as throughout this situation my lecturers and other teams have been responding to my emails with various options to help me. It has made me feel less stressed about the current situation knowing that I will be able to complete my work and not have additional pressures during my hand-ins and exams.”

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