Dr Charlotte Jeavons PhD, MSc, BSc, RDN Cert., HE SFHEA

Academic Portfolio Lead – Public Health

Key details

Dr Charlotte Jeavons

Academic Portfolio Lead – Public Health

Charlotte is the Academic Portfolio Lead for the public health team. She has worked at the University for eight years in various roles.

Charlotte's background is in dentistry, specifically in dental public health. She has worked in both clinical and community settings and in managerial roles. She has also spent some time working overseas.

Her current teaching includes health promotion and education (Charlotte is particularly interested in this in a dental context) and community health needs analysis.

Charlotte's professional interests include public health workforce development and have been involved in establishing and reviewing professional standards for the UK Public Health Register.

Her area of research is (dental) public health ethics, specifically looking at issues involving consent.

Posts held previously:

Before starting work at the University of Greenwich Charlotte worked predominantly for the NHS. In her immediate past position she was the Health Services Manager for all Community Dental Services delivered by Central London Community Health. This spanned three local authority areas including six London boroughs. Concurrent to this Charlotte was employed by Queen Mary, University of London as the Oral Health Education tutor for dental care professionals.

Responsibilities within the university

Charlotte holds the position of Academic Portfolio Lead for public health within the School of Human Sciences, as such such she is part of the managerial team within the School. In this position she has responsibility for all members of staff within the public health team and the work that they do. She is also responsible for the strategic direction of this portfolio including the quality of our output.

Charlotte also holds the position of Chair of the Recruitment and Marketing group for the School, which includes all portfolio areas; public health, social work, psychology, counselling, as well as PE and Sport.

She is also a mentor for academic staff mentors who wish to prepare and apply for Senior Fellowship status with the Higher Education Academy via the university's GOLD scheme.


  • External Examiner for the University of West London
  • International reviewer for the Agency for Public Health Education Accreditation
  • President elect for the Institute for Health Promotion and Education
  • Council Officer (Oral Health Promotion) for the British Association for the Study of Community Dentistry
  • Assessor for the UK Public Health Register
  • Academic representative for the Public Health Academy in London 
  • Charlotte is part of the trailblazer group to set up public health apprenticeships
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Primary Care Research
  • Reviewer for Primary Dental Care
  • Reviewer for International Journal of Health Promotion and Education
  • In addition to these positions she is an ordinary member of the following groups: 
    • International Dental Ethics and Law Society
    • Dental Law and Ethics Forum
    • General Dental Council – Professional Registration
    • Higher Education Academy – Senior Fellow

Research / Scholarly interests

Charlotte is interested in research that is specific to dental public health. She is especially interested in issues of consent, relational autonomy and social justice.

Her PhD looked at parents' experiences of participation in a community based fluoride varnish scheme, focusing on their experience of the arrangements for gaining consent.

Key funded projects

  • 2016 Newton P., Al-Haboubi M., Jeavons C., Stock J., Curl C. and Prasad, R. Healthcare professionals' and carers' (both formal and informal) experiences of identifying and managing oral pain and discomfort in older people living with dementia – A sequential exploratory study. Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex
  • 2013-ongoing Jeavons C., Public Health Ethics and parental consent for dental public health
  • 2011 Jeavons C. Parental consent and fluoride varnish schemes: lessons from dental screening. Haringey Primary Care NHS Trust.
  • 2009 Jeavons C. and Simmons S., Prevention in practice: using an evidenced based education tool. Oral and Dental Research Trust.
  • 2006 Jeavons C. and Murray S., Smoking cessation in practice: DCPs use of a hand held electronic education device. Oral and Dental Research Trust.

Recent publications


Craig Watson, Michael and , Jeavons, Charlotte (2020), Primary care under threat: time for the Government to address the urgent challenges. BMJ Publishing Group. In: , , , . BMJ Publishing Group, British Medical Journal (BMJ): 2020;371:m37 ISSN: 1759-2151 (Print), 0959-8138 (Online) (doi: https://www.bmj.com/content/371/bmj.m3793/rr-0).

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Conference item

Jeavons, Charlotte and , Baig, Mohammad Zubair (2018), Parents’ experiences of the consent process used in school based fluoride varnish schemes. In: Implementing change - improving quality, 19-20th April 2018, Edinburgh , . , (doi: ) NB Item availability restricted.

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Newton, Paul , Al-Haboubi, Mustafa, Jeavons, Charlotte, Stock, Jennifer , Curl, Charlotte , Prasad, Ria , Charlotte Curl , Ria Prasad (2016), Healthcare professionals’ and carers’ (both formal and informal) experiences of identifying and managing oral pain and discomfort in older people living with dementia – A sequential exploratory study. Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex (HEKSS). In: , , , . Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex (HEKSS), (doi: ) NB Item availability restricted.


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