Dr Harpreet Bains BA (Hons), PCHE, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Key details

Dr Harpreet Bains

Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Dr Harpreet Bains is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Greenwich. Harpreet has been a lecturer at the university since 2016. She lectures in social theory, ethnicity, gender and research methods. Harpreet's research interests focus on the South Asian Community in the UK.

Harpreet has a particular interest in curriculum design, assessment structures and delivery of module content. Harpreet has previously been employed by two higher education providers to validate, design and write degrees. This has provided Harpreet with the opportunity to design modules and apply assessments that are relevant to technological change and socio-economic trends. Additionally, a major element of the validation process has been to embed employability into the degrees and modules.

Post held previously

2012 - Newham College University Centre
Harpreet managed, designed and organised the successful re-validation of the Combined Studies degree at Newham University Centre. A key requisite of the re-validation process was to embed employability skills and assessments into the module content. Harpreet also lectured on Sociology of Sport, Research Methods, Feminism and Masculinities, Constructing Social Identity, Contrasts and Continuities, Race, Ethnicity and Racism, Academic Skills and Critical Thinking.

2009 - Havering College of FE & HE
Harpreet was responsible for validating degrees for the college with the Open University Validating Service. The validation process included overseeing and writing Sociology, English, Psychology and Religious Studies degrees. The job also entailed employing suitable candidates for lecturing on the relevant degrees. Working as a Manager, Harpreet was responsible for chairing assessment boards and departmental meetings as well as managing staff and students. She managed the Learning Disability Studies, Combined Studies and Youth and Community Programmes (BA (Hons).

2007 – Edinburgh University
As a research fellow, on the PODOSA (Prevention of Diabetes and Obesity in South Asians) trial, Harpreet was responsible for conducting a qualitative study exploring families' and individuals' perceptions of 'health' and experiences of physical activity. The research entailed working with health professionals, interviewing and conducting literature searches on issues of widening participation of ethnic minority groups in the health service.

2005 – University of Sheffield
Harpreet was responsible for teaching on the Race and Racism module, which included writing and giving weekly lectures as well as being responsible for all relevant administrative duties, seminars, marking essays and exam scripts. She was also responsible for undergraduate dissertation students as well as contributing to the supervision of MA and PhD students.

Responsibilities within the university

  • Lecturing on the PE and Sport Programme.
  • Lecturing on the Education and Community Studies Programme. 
  • Since 2016 Harpreet has provided lectures to level 4, 5 and 6 students.
  • Level 6 lead for PE and Sport Programme.
  • Employability lead for PE and Sport Programme.
  • Retention lead for PE and Sport Programme.
  • Admissions lead for PE and Sport Programme.

Research / Scholarly interests

  • South Asian Communities
  • Sikh Communities
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity