Jessica Tetchner

Dr Jessica Tetchner Tetchner

Senior Technician in Human Sciences (Psychology)

Key details

Dr Jessica Tetchner

Senior Technician in Human Sciences (Psychology)

Jess joined the University of Greenwich in 2013 as a PhD student, and submitted her thesis in 2017. Prior to this, she studied BSc Psychology at the University of Reading, and MSc Research Methods in Psychology at University College London. Since 2018, she has been employed at the University as a Senior Technician in Human Sciences (Psychology). Her responsibilities include providing technical expertise and developing/maintaining systems to support research within the School. She is also responsible for the management of specialist equipment and software (e.g., EEG and TMS), as well as assisting with teaching research methods and statistics.


Associate Fellow of the HEA

Research / Scholarly interests

Jess is primarily interested in mood, emotion, and affect, particularly in terms of physiology, and the influence on cognition. She is also interested in personality and individual differences, especially related to affect. Her PhD research examined the differential influence of appetitive and pleasant positive mood on cognition, as well as the neural and physiological correlates of appetitive positive mood (e.g., EEG left frontal asymmetry).