Oliver Robinson

Dr Oliver Robinson PGCertHE, MSc, MA, PhD

Oliver Robinson

Dr Oliver Robinson
PGCertHE, MSc, MA, PhD

Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer, Psychology

Department of Psychology, Social Work and Counselling

Faculty of Education and Health

Dr Oliver Robinson is a Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer for Psychology in the Department of Psychology, Social Work & Counselling at the University of Greenwich.

Oliver is programme lead for BSc Hons Psychology with Counselling, and a Year 3 course coordinator for Adult Development and Mental Health.

His research focuses on how identity, wellbeing and mental health are affected by major life transitions, crises and ageing processes during adulthood. His research has gained interest from the media, including the New Scientist, The Guardian, BBC Radio 4, The Telegraph and The Times.

  • Programme Leader, Senior Lecturer, Psychology, Department of Psychology, Social Work & Counselling
  • Leads on BSc Hons Psychology with Counselling programme
  • Course Leader for Adult Development and Mental Health, on Year 3 BSc Hons Psychology with Counselling programme
  • University of Greenwich: Early Career Research Award, 2010
  • University of Greenwich: Research Communicator of the Year Award, 2012
  • Student Led Teaching Awards 2016 – Supervisor of the Year (Shortlisted)
  • Editorial Board: Adult Development Bulletin
  • Editorial Board: Emerging Adulthood
  • President of European Society for Research in Adult Development

Oliver's research specialism is in psychosocial adult development, particularly the relation between life transitions, crises, personality and mental health. Areas of interest within these overlapping areas include:

The nature and experience of major life transitions such as the transition out of university or the transition into retirement, and effects of these on personality and wellbeing.

The antecedents, contents and outcomes of quarter-life crisis, midlife crisis and later life crisis.

The causes and extent of wellbeing, flourishing and authenticity in different adult age groups and cultures.

The developmental challenges of the first decade of adult life, often referred to as emerging adulthood.

The role of curiosity in adulthood as a driver for continued development.

Funded research projects

  • Macmillan Science and Education (now Springer Nature): The changing pleasures of the new-curiosity across the lifespan, 2015
  • The British Academy/International Partnerships and Mobility Grant: The transition to adulthood in the UK and Iran-a cross-cultural comparison of aspirations, maturity ideals and perceptions of adulthood amongst 18-25 year olds, 2013
  • University of Greenwich: Late life crisis-a key to understanding long-term wellbeing in the over-60s, 2012
  • University of Greenwich: Quarterlife crisis and midlife crisis-prevalence, features and individual differences, 2011
  • University of Greenwich: Relational and dispositional authenticity-developmental antecedents, personality correlates and implications for wellbeing (collaboration with University of Houston), 2010

Robinson, O.C. (2018). Paths between Head and Heart: Exploring the harmonies of science and spirituality. O Books. Pre-order on Amazon available

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Robinson, O.C. (2015). Quarterlife crisis: Overview of research and theory. Invited master
lecture at the 7th Conference on Emerging Adulthood, Miami.

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