Rob Slee

Rob Slee BSc Hons, PGCE

Rob Slee

Rob Slee
BSc Hons, PGCE


Department of Adult Nursing and Paramedic Science

Faculty of Education and Health

Rob Slee is a Lecturer in the Department of Adult Nursing & Paramedic Science at the University of Greenwich.

He joined the University of Greenwich in 2013, as lecturer within the Paramedic Science team. He currently leads on two, Year 3 courses on paramedic based learning 2, and minor injury and illness on the undergraduate programme. He is also a Link tutor, working closely with two partner organisations to provide placements for paramedic students.

He is a lecturer on a wide range of subjects across all three years on the undergraduate paramedic science programme, as well as the Nursing (pre-registration) BSc programmes. 

Rob joined the London Ambulance Service (LAS) NHS Trust in 1994 and qualified as a Paramedic in 1996. During this time, he developed a team leader role that was implemented by the LAS in 2000, and then in 2004 undertook a new role as an Emergency Care Practitioner (ECP). In this role, he was responsible for establishing a new 'see and treat' service within the LAS, identifying alternative care pathways, and working in partnership with GP out-of-hours to provide a home visit service.

The success of the role as an ECP gave Rob recognition to represent the LAS on a National Level, working with the NHS Modernization Agency and then Skills for Health to support the development of this role up and down the country.

In 2010, Rob worked in the Education and Clinical Standards department, to develop a workforce, both new and existing in all aspects of emergency and unscheduled care. Rob has an IHCD Instructional methods qualification enabling him to teach an IHCD Paramedic training course.

In 2016, Rob is completing his final year in MSc Advanced Practice at the University of Greenwich.

Posts held previously:

  • 1996-2013, (various roles) London Ambulance Service
  • Lecturer, Department of Adult Nursing & Paramedic Science
  • Course leader for Year 3 undergraduate Paramedic Based Learning 2; and Minor Injury & Illness
  • Course leader on pre-registration BSc Hons Nursing programme
  • Link tutor
  • Member of The College of Paramedics.
  • Practitioner East Surrey Urgent Care Centre.
  • Paramedic bank staff LAS NHS Trust
  • University of Hertfordshire ECG Advanced ECG course
  • London Ambulance Service NHS Trust Core Skills Refresher updates

Rob has developed a keen interest in the minor injury/illness aspect of paramedic practice and the development within emergency and unscheduled care.

Slee, R. (2016). Assessment of minor injuries. In: A. Blaber and G. Harris, eds., Assessment Skills for Paramedics. 2nd ed. Maidenhead: McGraw Hill Education.

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