Courtney Robinson

Courtney Robinson

Post Graduate Researcher

I am co-founder and CEO of Hypi. A lowcode development platform that has found use in both cloud and on-premise environments from pharma and hospitals to small social media startups.  I have over a decade of experience with building and maintaining distributed systems that process vast amounts of data. From this experience I was motivate to undertake my PhD after observing a common issue in many of the distributed databases I’d used. Whether the system handled a modest amount of data or processed billions of records per second, they all tussled with the fundamental reality that correctness is not absolute (correctness as it related to data coherency).

Responsibilities within the university

Correctness in distributed systems

My PhD investigates correctness in distributed systems and proposes a framework for ensuring computations are semantically correct. The work uses category theory as a basis for proving the correctness of a computation.

Supervisory team includes:

Dr Christopher Walshaw
Dr Markus Wolf