Dr Amin Taheri

Dr Amin Taheri MASc, PhD, PGCert, FHEA, AMIChemE

Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering; Teaching Lead, School of Engineering; IET Accreditation Lead, School of Engineering

Key details

Dr Amin Taheri

Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering; Teaching Lead, School of Engineering; IET Accreditation Lead, School of Engineering

Dr Taheri joined the Faculty of Engineering and Science as a Lecturer in Chemical Engineering in the summer of 2019. He was a Research Associate for two years at the Cambridge Graphene Centre (CGC), University of Cambridge. As a member of Nanomaterials and Spectroscopy Group in the Electrical Engineering Division, his work was focused on the solution-processed graphene and related materials and composites. Prior to that, he worked at Ayming Canada as an Associate Consultant for the Scientific Research and Experimental Development program (SR&ED).

Dr Taheri obtained his bachelor's degree from Sharif University of Technology (Iran's top engineering school) as a first-class student and continued his academic endeavours up to the PhD degree. He completed his PhD program at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Chemical and Biological Engineering Department (Fuel Cell & Applied Electrochemistry Lab). His doctoral dissertation was on the high throughput graphene production techniques via electrochemical exfoliation of graphite with related applications in clean electrochemical power sources.

Dr Taheri carries over ten years of work/research experience in various disciplines of chemical/surface science and engineering. With many publications in high impact journals, he has developed a respectable record in nanotechnology and clean energy technologies. In addition to his PhD/Postdoc research, he has several individual contributions on state-of-the-art CO2 mitigation solutions, which have been highly received and cited. Dr Taheri is currently pursuing his research on the solution processing of advanced nanomaterials for sustainable technologies. This spans from flexible electronics and smart textiles to electrochemical power sources and high-performance composites.

Responsibilities within the university

Teaching Lead, School of Engineering

IET Accreditation Lead, School of Engineering

Module Leader

  • CHEE1003 – Reactor Engineering
  • CHEE1005 – Fluids, Heat and Mass Transfer Processes 2

Module Participation

  • MATH 1183 – Advanced Mathematics for Engineers
  • CHEE 1009 – Advanced Processing Methods and Optimisation
  • CHEE 1010 – Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering
  • GEEN 1127 – Design and Materials
  • GEEN 1017 – Individual Project
  • CHEM 1136 – Individual Design Project
  • ELEC 1036 – Individual Design Project


Since joining the University of Greenwich

(2020) Teaching Pedagogy Reflection Commendation, PGCert in Higher Education, University of Greenwich, United Kingdom.

(2020) Erasmus+ Faculty Mobility Fund, University of Greenwich, United Kingdom.

(2019) Teaching Philosophy Commendation, PGCert in Higher Education, University of Greenwich, United Kingdom.

(2019) Newton Bhabha Fund, The British Council under Researcher Links scheme, United Kingdom.

(2019) Learning & Teaching Grant, Faculty of Engineering & Science, University of Greenwich, United Kingdom.

Research / Scholarly interests

Sustainable technologies

Fuel cells and batteries, photocatalytic water treatment, water splitting for green hydrogen production, CO2 capture and conversion.

Wearable electronics

Smart textiles, novel in-situ fabrication methods, wearable sensors including photodetectors and gas sensors, flexible electronics for harsh environments.

Prototyping and scaleup

Industrial design from concept to complete realization for new applications. Large scale plant design for chemical industries with complementary cost estimation analyses.

Recent publications


Taheri Najafabadi, Amin , Leeuwner, Magrieta J., Wilkinson, David P., Gyenge, Előd L. (2016), Electrochemically produced graphene for microporous layers in fuel cells. Wiley. In: , , , . Wiley, ChemSusChem, 9 (13) . pp. 1689-1697 ISSN: 1864-5631 (Print), 1864-564X (Online) (doi: https://dx.doi.org/10.1002/cssc.201600351).

Taheri Najafabadi, Amin , Ng, Norvin, Gyenge, Előd (2016), Electrochemically exfoliated graphene anodes with enhanced biocurrent production in single-chamber air-breathing microbial fuel cells. Elsevier. In: , , , . Elsevier, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 81 . pp. 103-110 ISSN: 0956-5663 (Print), (doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.bios.2016.02.054).