Hamid Salehi

Dr Hamid Salehi BSc, MSc, PhD, ALTHE

Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

Dr Salehi is currently a Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering and Science after joining the University of Greenwich as a Research Fellow with the Wolfson Centre in April 2018. He was a Research Associate for one year at the Biomass Technology Centre (BTC), of the Swedish University of Agricultural Science. His work was focused on the development of a new method for quantifying the flow properties of biomass particulate solids.

Salehi obtained his bachelor's degree from Isfahan University of Technology and continued his academic endeavours up to the PhD degree. He completed his MSc studies at the Lund University (LTH) and his PhD at the University of Salerno (powder technology group). His doctoral dissertation was on the evaluation of powder flow properties at low consolidation stress in collaboration with Anton Paar Company.

Dr Salehi carries over 8 years of work/research experience in various disciplines of particulate material technology, food and chemical engineering. He is the author of more than 15 scientific peer reviewed journal papers in high impact journals. Dr Salehi current research interests include studying the flow properties of conventional powder and of biomass particulate solids and the assessment of traditional and innovative characterization methods as well as linking particle characteristics to bulk properties.

Responsibilities within the university

Programme Leader

  • Advanced Chemical Engineering

Module Leader

  • Food Engineering (CHEE1007)
  • Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering (CHEE1010)
  • Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (CHEE1016)
  • Engineering of Consumer Products (CHEE1018)
  • Chemical Plant Design & Material Handling (CHEM1135)


  • Particulate Material Handling, Additive Manufacturing and Air Quality.


The Best Presentation in the session "Fluidization and Fluid-Particle Systems for Energy and Environmental Applications I" of the AIChE Annual Meeting in San Francisco, US, 2016.

Hottest Paper Award, Hosokawa Powder Technology Foundation for the Mechanical Properties of Aggregates Produced by Mechanical Vibration of Cohesive Powders published in Kona journal in Japan, 2015.


Member of Italian Association of Chemical Engineering.

Member of Iranian National Elite Foundation.

Key projects

EPSRC (2017/20): Virtual formulation Laboratory for prediction and optimisation of manufacturability of advanced solids based formulations.

The Swedish Energy Agency (2016-2018) Biomass flowability – characterization and development of indirect measurement methods

Recent publications


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Conference proceedings

Dissanayake Mudiyanselage, Susantha , Bradley, Michael, Zigan, Stefan, Salehi Kahrizsangi, Hamid , Deng, Tong (2023), Frequency domain analysis to identify main segregation contributors in a chain of material handling. ICBMH - The Institution of Engineers. In: The 14th International Conference on Bulk Materials Storage, Handling and Transportation, 11th - 13th Jul, 2023, Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia In: Chanaka Prasad Alupathgala Kankanamalage, Baldeep Kaur, Hamid Salehi Kahrizsangi, Michael Bradley, Richard Ellis (eds.), ICBMH2023: 14th International Conference on Bulk Materials Storage, Handling and Transportation. ICBMH - The Institution of Engineers, Wollongong, NSW Australia (1st) . pp. 372-380 . ISBN: 9781925627831 (doi: https://search.informit.org/doi/abs/10.3316/informit.446620967305237) NB Item availability restricted.

Salehi Kahrizsangi, Hamid , Sofia, Daniele, Barletta, Diego, Poletto, Massimo , Larsson, Sylvia (2018), Experimental and simulation investigation on arching behaviour of two biomass materials from a wedge shape hopper. AIChE. In: , , , 8th World Congress on Particle Technology proceedings. AIChE, . ISBN: 9780816911059 (doi: https://www.aiche.org/conferences/world-congress-on-particle-technology/2018/proceeding/paper/101a-experimental-and-simulation-investigation-on-arching-behaviour-two-biomass-materials-wedge).