Mahdi Salimi

Dr Mahdi Salimi PhD

Lecturer in Electrical Engineering

Dr Mahdi Salimi  joined  the University of Greenwich in 2022 as a lecturer in Electrical Engineering.

Dr Salimi graduated in electrical engineering from IAU university (Science and Research Branch) Tehran, Iran in 2012. He worked as a lecturer/assistant professor from 2011 until 2019 at the IAU University, Ardabil Branch, Iran, in the Electrical and Electronic Department. He taught different courses in BSc, MSc and PhD levels which were related to power electronics, controller design and analogue electronics, and supervised post-graduate and PhD students.

In 2019 he joined the University of Nottingham (UoN), Power Electronics, Machine, and Control (PEMC) group as a researcher for three years. Here he researched more/full electric aircraft, sponsored by Clean Sky 2 consortium. The group comprised 9 academic staff, 60 Research Fellows, 70 PhD students, and 3 Project Management and administrative staff, delivering high-impact teaching, research, and industrial collaborations.

Since 2011, he has published 31 papers in IET, Elsevier, John-Wiley, Springer, Taylor and Francis peer-reviewed journals with 24 papers published in international conferences and is the invited reviewer of several power electronics journals e.g., IEEE transaction on power electronics, IEEE transaction of on industrial electronics, IET power electronics and Energy Elsevier.

Areas of research include design, simulation, and practical implementation of the power electronics systems for several academic/industrial projects, external funds and KTP related activities for more/full electric aircraft and vehicles, grid-connected renewable energy systems, and active power filters.

Research / Scholarly interests

  1. Closed-loop control of the power electronics converters including linear, adaptive, robust and predictive controllers
  2. High gain DC–DC converters for grid connected renewable sources
  3. Grid-connected inverters and active power filters
  4. Detailed practical design of the power electronics converters
  5. Application of the SiC and GaN based converters in more/full electric aircrafts

Key funded projects

  1. Design and Implementation of the power electronics systems for more electric aircrafts, University of Nottingham, 2021
  2. Electro-Mechanical Actuator Emulator Design by Sliding Mode Input Current Control of the Synchronous DC-DC Buck Converter, University of Nottingham, 2020
  3. Sliding mode control design for bidirectional half-bridge two phase DC-DC converter for more electric aircraft, University of Nottingham, 2019

Recent publications

  1. M. Salimi, F. Radmand and M. H. Firouz, "Dynamic Modeling and Closed-loop Control of Hybrid Grid-connected Renewable Energy System with Multi-input Multi-output Controller," in Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy, vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 94-103, January 2021.
  2. M. Salimi, Practical implementation of the Lyapunov based nonlinear controller in DC-DC boost converter for MPPT of the PV systems, Solar Energy, Volume 173, 2018.
  3. M. Salimi,  Soltani, J. and Zakipour, A.  Experimental design of the adaptive backstepping control technique for single-phase shunt active power filters. IET Power Electronics, 2017.