Amber Frost

Ms Amber Frost

I’m a second year PhD student who has been a part of the University of Greenwich family since I started my BSc Criminology and Criminal Psychology in 2015. I started my MSc in Criminology and Criminology Psychology and was really moved by a niche and rather overlooked part of Sex and Crime, Women’s Studies and Maternal Criminalisation and wanted to delve deeper into the topic to fill in the gaps I was finding in the literature; So here I am. My PhD project enables me to work alongside my supervisor and further my teaching skills as well as constantly evolving my knowledge of queer criminology and feminism to better my understanding of experiences that traditional theology fails.

Responsibilities within the university

The New Age Wet Nurse – An Exploration of the Safety, Culture and Risks Associated with the Online Buying and Selling of Breast Milk.

This thesis aims to investigate human milk sharing facilitated through social media sites such as Facebook and the perception of risk amongst the patrons of the site. Infant feeding behaviours all carry with them social stigma, so alongside the investigations into the use of social media and milk sharing, this thesis will also explore the themes and ideologies that many hold in regards to feeding, motherhood and their children and how those stigmas affect their decisions when feeding their children and why they have decided to turn to online sources instead of milk bank, prescription or shop bought alternatives.

Supervisory team includes:

Dr Alexandra Fanghanel

Dr Sarah Kilbane

Dr Darrick Jolliffe