Carlos Eduardo Pires

Mr Carlos Eduardo Pires

Postgraduate Researcher

Carlos Eduardo Pires holds a Bachelor degree in Communication Studies from Universidade de Araraquara, a Postgraduate Diploma in Art History from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, and a Master's Degree from the University of East London offered in partnership with the award-winning digital art company ZU-UK.

During his MA, He had two primary interests: participatory performance and intimacy in engaging audiences. He was enthusiastic about how individuals would be engaged in a narrative and what memories they would be willing to share, so he wrote his dissertation on how autobiographical dramaturgy combined with a one-to-one format can create an exchange of intimacy between performer and spectator.

His current project is part of the University of Greenwich Vice-Chancellor's PhD Scholarship which has given him the chance to research strategies through intimate, post-immersive and one-to-one performances investigating narratives and guiding future arts policy by encouraging participation and engagement from within a divided community.

Combining theatrical expertise and audience data insights, he also develops experiential projects that help organisations and brands bring astonishing experiences to life through relevant content and exciting narratives.

He has been dedicating his career to creating multi-platform content, interactive activations, performance artworks, cultural projects, and narrative-based experiences connecting organisations with people through meaningful events.

Responsibilities within the university

Building intimacy: functions and outcomes of a post-immersive one-to-one performance in a divided community.

This PhD proposal takes Carlos Eduardo’s practice-led research a step further, exploring the functions and effects of a one-to-one performance in a divided community based on a post-immersive approach, and establishing strategies of cross-cultural engagement.

Carlos Eduardo’s research interests include Participatory Performance, Post-immersion, Cultural History, Community Engagement, Digital Arts, Game Design, Transmedia Narrative, and VR Experiences.

Supervisory team includes:

Professor Jorge Lopes Ramos

Professor Misha Myers

Professor Tracey Reynolds


2021 University of Greenwich Vice-Chancellor's PhD Scholarship


2021 Beyond the Black Box: Approaching Audience Participation in Cinematic Experiences In: HoMER Annual Conference, Monday 24th May – Saturday 29th May, Maynooth University, Dublin, Ireland.