Carol Withey BSc, LLB, PGDip, SFHEA

Associate Professor in Law

Carol joined the university in 2006 and is an Associate Professor in Law. Carol is Associate Head of Student Success for the School of Law and Criminology. In this role Carol oversees strategy in several areas, including student attendance and retention, personal tutoring, assessment and feedback, employability and mentoring, and student surveys. Carol was promoted to University Teaching Fellow in 2011 in recognition of excellence in teaching and learning, and was awarded Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy in 2023. Carol is module leader for Criminal Law and Advanced Criminal Law.

Before joining the University of Greenwich, Carol taught Criminal Law and the Law of Evidence on the London University External LLB Programme. Carol has also lectured in Criminal Law at Kent Law School and CILEX Law School. Carol qualified as a barrister in 1999; gaining her Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Legal Skills at the Inns of Court School of Law, City University. Carol read Law at London University (external degree part-time degree) and Sociology at Bristol University. Prior to embarking on her legal and academic career, Carol had ten years of invaluable experience in retail business management and marketing.


Responsibilities within the university

  • Associate Head of Student Success: Law and Criminology
  • Module Leader for Criminal Law (Year 2)
  • Module Leader for Advanced Criminal Law (Year 3 option)


  • Barrister of Inner Temple (non-practising)
  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Transforming Law: Levelling Up: Recruitment and Progression in Law Firms: Government Initiative - UoG representative in panel discussions; 2021
  • Created and coordinate Law Mentor Platform
  • Created ‘Lego Law’ YouTube channel: a series of films depicting criminal law cases using Lego characters
  • Coordinator of Greenwich Law: Empowering Minds, street law project with local school and colleges
  • The London Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime: advisee on rape statistics; 2012
  • Recognised by the university of Greenwich on International Women’s Day 2022 for services to the community raising awareness of sexual offending law and rape myths
  • Oxford University Press: Law Tutor of the Year runner up; 2005

Research / Scholarly interests

  • Criminal Law: sexual offending where the socio-legal approach adopted has focused on practical ways to dispel rape myths; defences to murder, corporate manslaughter, fraud.
  • Pedagogical interests: assessment and feedback, constructive alignment, employability, mentoring, skills development.

Recent publications

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