Chloe Emmott

Chloe Emmott

PhD Researcher

I studied archaeology at the university of Liverpool for BA and MA, where I developed an interest in the history of archaeology, focusing on John Garstang’s excavations at Jericho for my MA thesis. This led me to a scholarship at Greenwich where I am studying the history of British archaeology in Palestine and expanding upon themes I touched upon in my masters.

Responsibilities within the university

Archaeologies of Empire British Archaeology in Palestine from 1890-1930

I am exploring the development of archaeology as a colonial discipline in Palestine, from the late Ottoman to British Mandate era.

I focus on the history of archaeology as a discipline and the role archaeology has played in the socio-political milieu of the societies in which it developed. I explore how the past, through archaeology, was used to create imperial identities.

I am interested in the political role of archaeology as cultural capital which trades of its ability to directly access the material remains of the past, and how this link has been displayed and exploited via museums, excavation and the media coverage of archaeology.

Supervisory team includes:

Dr Michael Talbot
Dr Gavin Rand
Dr Christopher Ware


  • V. C Scholarship
  • GRE Research and Enterprise Awards and Celebration – PGR Student Poster Competition finalist 2019