David Hockham

David Hockham BA (Hons), MA, MPhil, PGCert

Tutor in Technical Theatre, Scenography and Digital Performance Practices

Key details

David Hockham

Tutor in Technical Theatre, Scenography and Digital Performance Practices

David works as a production manager and producer internationally, currently touring with Dead Rabbits Theatre and their award-winning 'My Love Lies Frozen in the Ice' and Arts Council supported 'Tiger Lady' which tours throughout the UK, Chicago and Canada (2017-Now).

Production credits include Red Shift's Jonathan Holloway & Hong Kong's Chung Ying theatre's adaptation of Jekyll and Hyde (2015) and Blood for Blood (2016), multiple works for Guildford's international music festival (2013 - 2015), Blind Summit's Puppetry Monologues (2013) and he has run his own theatre company 'Lost Banditos' (2008  2010).

Since 2018, David produces community-engaged workshop and performance programmes while considering the role a university might play within the local community. In doing so he has been building a network of community links to embed the university's Bathway Theatre into its locality. His work includes being UK partner in Open European Societies EU Open for Citizens programme, looking to tackle racism and xenophobia (2018 - 2021) co-producing a trans-national conference with the European Reminiscence Network in February 2019. David was also lead on local community programme What About Us: Empowering Community Voices, co-produced with partners. For up to date information see Bathway Theatre.

David has managed his professional career alongside teaching and supporting courses in production and technical theatre since September 2009; first for the University of Surrey and, from September 2015, the University of Greenwich. He has taught across bachelor's and master's degree courses where modules have included teaching in: digital performance, practice-based research, technical theatre, design, scenography, marketing and production skills. Since 2018 he has managed and produced the Bathway Theatre Company, a University of Greenwich student company of fifteen who each year now head to the Edinburgh Fringe to perform a fully realised performance. David has production managed a range of student work from large scale musical theatre at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre (Guildford) for the Guildford School of Acting, to intimate one-on-one experiences for theatre and performance students, dissertation work including practice-based research and independent projects. He has managed work across disciplines including dance, digital performance, film, theatre musical theatre, music and composition.

David has designed lighting and staging for festivals and research projects which have ranged from digital site-specific works, interactive projection mapping, dancing the digital double and dance for mature dancers. He has directed laboratory performances and site-specific work David is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Education and is on track to complete his doctorate by 2021. His work looks at how we teach technical theatre in universities and draws on person-centred theories from education, psychology and sociology.

Responsibilities within the university

  • Theatre Manager
  • Module Leader for Scenography Production and Technical Theatre, Accredited Technical Theatre Practice and Digital Performance
  • Bathway Theatre Network Producer
  • Member of the Faculty Operating Group, Curators' Group
  • Co-Founding Member of Research Group CLEI Co-Creating Liveness in Embodies Immersion
  • Member of the Drama Theatre and Performance Research Group
  • Technical Team Leader
  • Line Manager
  • First Aider
  • DSE assessor
  • Fire Warden
  • Local Health and Safety Officer
  • Chair of the LGBT staff Community


  • Outstanding achievement in Enterprise (2019) - University of Greenwich
  • Les Enfants Terribles Greenwich Partnership Award (2019) for My Love Lies Frozen in the Ice - Greenwich Theatre
  • Short-listed for the Student-Led Teaching Awards 2018, (2019) University of Greenwich
  • Greenwich Excellence Award (2021) – University of Greenwich, awarded to the LGBT+ Staff Community where David is co-vice chair
  • Outstanding achievement in Knowledge Exchange (2021) – University of Greenwich, jointly awarded with Professor Tracey Reynolds


  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Member of the International Federation of Theatre Research’s Theatrical Event working group
  • Collaborations Champion for the National Centre for Academic and Cultural Exchange

Research / Scholarly interests

A PhD candidate at the Institute of Education, David is interested in how we teach vocational practices within universities. Using a scenographic lens to discuss technical theatre, the work compares approaches across institutions with the hope to provide recommendations for the HE sector.

This work uses Dreier's person-centred approach to re-consider Lave and Wenger's communities of practice in order to remove the idea that communities are a homogenous group of people. Instead, David argues that we are all different, each having unique complex lives which affect how and what we do.

David's recent articles are co-written with local originations and Dr Pamela Zigomo from the Business School, combining the person centred framework emerging from his PhD with Zigomo's research on post-colonial theory. The result is an Open Third-Space Framework which we use to discuss the university's civic role.

David is interested in community practice, vocational training, storytelling, devising, technical theatre, producing, event and production management.

Key funded projects

    The projects above fold in knowledge exchange, outreach, community engagement, theatre and performance, research and teaching and learning. They include a programme of events ranging from community open days to large scale conferences, workshops and performances, the programmes were designed to reach under-represented local communities.

Recent publications


  • Durrant T, Cameron V, Hockham D, Lisney E, Musset L, Zigomo, P (2021) The I.S Paper: exploring the experiences of Black and minoritised cultural & creative groups and practitioners in the Royal Borough of Greenwich
  • Hockham, David (2021) Responding to Creation Theatre’s Time Machine: a production moved to Zoom in light of COVID-19. PARtake: The Journal of Performance As Research
  • Ellis, Hockham, Rolle & Zigomo (2020) Becoming civic centred – A case study of the University of Greenwich's Bathway Theatre based in Woolwich. Studies in Theatre and Performance DOI: 10.1080/14682761.2020.1807211
  • Hockham, D. (2018) The government's new career strategy: an end to placements for English Higher Education performing arts students? Compass: Journal of Learning and Teaching

In Progress

  • Franklin, P. Hockham, D. Zigomo, P. (In Review) Models of Community Co-Design for programming and producing arts and cultural events by and with universities (Book Chapter)
  • Hockham, D; Campbell, J; Chambers, A, Franklin, P; Pollard, I; Reynolds, T; Ruddock, S (In review) Let Our Legacy Continue: Beginning an archival journey. Research in Drama & Education

Performance Research

  • Tiger Lady (2019-2021) Theatre Performance. Dead Rabbits Theatre Company. Touring Canada and across the UK Funded by the Arts Council
  • My Love Lies Frozen in the Ice (2018-2021) Theatre Performance. Dead Rabbits Theatre Company. Touring Chicago and across the UK. Previously touring the Edinburgh Fringe and Canada Funded by the Arts Council


  • Smith, L & Hockham D (2021) Working & Studying with disabilities: personal perspectives; celebrating dyslexia awareness week Online Lunch and Learn Session
  • Hockham, D & Wallis, J (2021) HEI Theatre Practice: A unique performance method in a nexus of practices. The International Federation of Theatre Research Conference (IFTR) 12th-16th July
  • Hockham, D (2019) "The question is not what can the university do for us? The question is what can we do for the university?" A 'connected curriculum' approach to diversifying our pedagogy and practice. University of Greenwich, Diversity + Inclusivity Conference, 19 October 2019
  • Hockham, D & Zigomo P (2019) Becoming Civic Centred: A Case Study of the University of Greenwich's Bathway Theatre based in Woolwich. Drama Theatre and Performance Research Group Lecture, 14 November 2019
  • Bowes, Hockham, Oxley & Wallis (2019) Embedding a professional critical response. Shift Conference, University of Greenwich. January 2019
  • Hockham (2018) How Should We Be Training Technical Theatre Technicians in the 21st Century? Shift Conference, University of Greenwich. 5 January 2018
  • Hockham (2018) 'Assessing in the swamp: Technical Theatre Practice, not just doing the drains.' Symposium 'Innovations in Assessment for Drama, Performing Arts & Musical Theatre' at Anglia Ruskin University