Juliana Firaku

Juliana Firaku LLB, LLM

Lecturer in Law

Juliana Firaku holds an LLB and an LLM in International Banking and Finance from City, University of London.

Prior to joining Greenwich, Juliana was a visiting Law Lecturer at various London Universities.


Research / Scholarly interests

Juliana's previous research has focused on the cause of the Financial Crisis, with a specific focus on minimum capital requirements for banking institutions, namely Basel III. In this respect, her aim was to consider whether the rules on minimum capital requirements were sufficient and effective to avoid a future financial crisis. To offer a completed review, the research also considered in great length the impact of minimum capital requirements within the insurance sector, specifically Solvency II.

Juliana's future research will remain within the banking and financial sector by considering the rules on money laundering considering the introduction and growing interest in cryptocurrency.