Peter Bathurst

Peter Bathurst BA Hons, MA

Senior Lecturer in Cinematography

Peter is a cinematographer, writer, producer, director, creative lead and educator working across traditional formats and increasingly in multiple advanced technologies including Virtual Production, Virtual Reality and virtually everything else. Over two decades hands on experience in the film industry has been complemented in recent years by an academic career that emphasises knowledge exchange and enterprise as a gateway to high end creative outcomes.

Responsibilities within the university

  • Acting Programme Leader BA FTV
  • Senior Lecturer Cinematography – responsible for development and provision of cinematography across the FTV Portfolio
  • Module Leader Cine 1123 – Creative Film Technologies 1
  • Departmental Technology Consultant

Research / Scholarly interests

  • Proof Of Concept Award – “Gerstl’s Ghost”. Immersive film and VR experience showcasing UoG staff talent in this area.
  • Seed Fund Award Story Futures – “Mathilde” 360 Game Environment showcasing RTX & FMOD technologies.
  • StoryFutures TTT Award – “How To Be Good” – Virtual Production Learning Pathways.