Sally Mann

Dr Sally Mann

Senior Lecturer in Sociology


Sally has taught Sociology at the University of Greenwich since 2006. She currently teaches Inequality and Social Formation and Gender, Race and Crime, as well as supervising Sociology Project and Work Placement students MA project students. Sally has also supervised a Ph.D student to completion in 2011. In addition to her current courses she has taught on Modern Societies, Gender in Society and Education and Social Formation in the past.

Previous work experience Sally worked in curriculum developer as a Pathway Leader at Newham College of Further Education, where she wrote and led pilot study diplomas for marginalized learners, including a new course for young parents who had been previously excluded from education.

She previously worked as a Personal Tutor and Student Learning Advisor at Newham College of Further Education.

She is a certified anger management trainer and worked for the Prince's Trust and has a background in youth work.

Responsibilities within the university

Senior Lecturer, Sociology

Research / Scholarly interests

Sally's research interests fall within the sociology of inequalities and social action. Her PhD focused on the formation of subjectivities. Recent research activities apply post-structuralist ideas of subjectivity to the experiences of inequality, protest and dissent. She is currently researching the experiences of an 'urban village' in East London, with a focus on issues of marginalization.

Recent publications


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Book section

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Conference item

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