Sebastian Rose BA, MA

PhD Researcher

Sebastian is a PhD candidate in the Department of History at the University of Greenwich and is the recipient of the John Charles Maynard Scholarship. He obtained his BA in History from the University of Leicester and his MA in International Relations from Leiden University, where he focused on spectres of imperialism in Iran, communication and media.


John Charles Maynard Scholarship

Research / Scholarly interests

Sebastian’s current research focuses on a history of the telegraph in the region and the role of the Indo-European Telegraph Department. His interests lie in connecting transnational micro-spaces of telegraph stations on the frontier of Britain’s Indian empire, to larger terrestrial and maritime trans-imperial and trans-regional networks. In particular, he is interested in analysing the agency and impact of local actors and ecologies in shaping and being shaped by telegraph infrastructure in Iran, the Gulf and the wider Indian Ocean world. Sebastian’s research also focuses on the political role of ‘technical experts’, analysing labour and work and its imprint upon the body, and the divergent systems and technologies of communication that functioned alongside telegraphy.


‘Enclaved in wires, stone and mud: Shared Anglo-Ottoman space at Faw telegraph station 1880-1914’ Culture, Things, and Empire: Series One, Seminar Five: Communication (21 April 2021)