Drama, Theatre & Performance Research Group

Drama, Theatre & Performance Research Group

The Drama, Theatre and Performance Research Group at Greenwich is an interdisciplinary network of academics, practitioners and research students from across the University who are interested in a range of areas relating to the theory and practice of Drama, Theatre and Performance.

About us

The research group represents the diverse interests of Drama, Theatre and Performance academics at the university but can broadly be arranged into four key thematic priorities:- Participation and Social Engagement- Emergent practices/processes in contemporary drama, theatre and performance- Intergenerational methodologies- Actor/performer/writer training.

Group leader

Research activity

Members are engaged in funded research projects, industry consultancy and the publishing of academic journal articles, collections and books in a range of areas including: Contemporary British Theatre, Contemporary Performance, Performer Training, Participatory and Socially Engaged Performance.

Let Our Legacy Continue

Join us throughout Black History Month for Let Our Legacy Continue, a month-long exhibition co-created by the Caribbean Social Forum, University of Greenwich Galleries, the Applied Sociology Research Group, and the Drama Theatre and Performance Research Group. Click to learn more about the exhibition and to order your ticket today.