Conference: Society and the Sea

Society and the Sea: Invest in Blue 2018

The second Greenwich Maritime Centre (GMC) international conference on the theme 'Society and the Sea' took place in September 2018.

News stories about the ocean and the coasts regularly make the headlines yet paradoxically there are also concerns that sea-blindness is a problem and people are not aware of the fundamental importance of the ocean. The GMC in partnership with National Maritime convened an international conference that brought together industry and academia to explore the value of the ocean, key challenges being faced and opportunities for future development of the blue economy.

The conference was supported by the National Maritime Museum, Seafarers UK, Marine Conservation Society, Thames Estuary Partnership, Coastal and Marine Research Group (RGS), World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Coastal Partnership Network. Society and the Sea 2018 incorporated INVESTINBLUE 2018, a showcase event for the UK maritime industry. The conference also hosted the launch of the Marine Social Sciences Network the aim of which was to facilitate knowledge exchange between diverse stakeholders and establish an active community of interdisciplinary researchers, policy makers and practitioners from across the marine and coastal sector, with a view to increasing awareness and understanding of the integral role that social sciences can have in management and decision making for our global seas and coastline. The Network aimed to be a multidisciplinary community, facilitating collaboration and dialogue between both marine social and natural science, the arts and humanities. The conference was an opportunity to learn more about the Network, to express an interest in being part of the community and feed into discussions about how the Network can support marine and coastal efforts in the coming years.

Society and the Sea: Invest in Blue 2018

The Values of the Ocean and Coasts for Sustainable Development


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