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Numerical and Applied Mathematics Research Unit Numerical and Applied Mathematics Research Unit

The Numerical and Applied Mathematics Unit (NAMU) provides expertise in solutions to business, engineering and science problems, research and development work, delivers fine products tailoring to specific requirements, participates in seeking and exploiting state-of-the-art technology.

An overview of research activities and software products is:

  • Computational finance: Option pricing with nonlinear volatility models and numerical solutions, calibration methods, GPU and parallel algorithms, Monte Carlo simulation
  • Computational biology: Absorption and metabolism models, nutrients and drug absorption; Mathematical modelling of cardiac myocytes
  • Inverse problems: Design cycle and system optimisation, incoproation of intelliegence; Parameter and function estimation, uncertainty quantification, optimisation techniques, stochastic optimisation, Bayesian methods, sensitivity analysis
  • Modelling in music and sociology: Classification of music, neural network, mapping of musical pieces to socio-political events, impact of music on humanities
  • Image processing: Efficient lossless image compression; image restoration; enhancing CCTV images; image denoise; image segmentation; image dehaze.
  • Computational acoustics: Aeroacoustics, Indoor acoustics and noise management, Indoor and outdoor heat management and air flow management, high order methods.
  • Coupling and/or enhancing capabilities of black-box numerical software packages; Computational intelligence, neural network, fuzzy mathematics and their applications
  • History of mathematics

Numerical and Applied Mathematics Research Unit is part of the Faculty of Architecture, Computing & Humanities, University of Greenwich.