Numerical and Applied Mathematics Research Unit


The following areas of work can be undertaken on a consultancy basis:

Emergency Services

Scientific Algorithms
  • Quick fix of algorithmic problems and documentation.
  • Computer programs surgery.
  • Testing numerical algorithms:- sequential, parallel, and distributed.
  • Proto-type testing of numerical algorithms.
  • Java, F90, Matlab, MPI, VB, spreadsheet.

Computing & Mathematical Sciences- Good-Style-Writing

Writing and Translation Services
  • Good-Style-Writing provides high quality service in polishing, enriching, and enhancing written essays, reports, and articles related to science to appear in scientific archives for authors.
  • Good-Style-Writing provides high quality service in translation into English of scientific articles written in a foreign language: e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, French, German, Russian, and vice-versa.
  • Translation of technical documentation, technical user manuals, technical information.
  • Proofread and refinement of translated documents.

Technical Services

Scientific Computing and Algorithms Service
  • Deliver robust numerical algorithms.
  • Improve performance, efficiency, and accuracy.
  • Java, F90, Matlab, VB, spreadsheet

High Performance Computing and Distributed Algorithms Service

  • Deliver robust distributed algorithms.
  • Improve performance, efficiency, and accuracy.
  • Implementation on high performance computers and local area network.
  • MPI, F90, Java, Matlab.

Management and Delivery of Training Programmes

  • Managing training courses
  • Delivery of training courses

Industrial and Engineering Problem Solving

  • Indoor and outdoor heat management and air flow management.
  • Methods of financial computing.
  • Indoor acoustics and noise management.
  • Efficient lossless image compression; image restoration; enhancing CCTV images.
  • Smart textile materials and garment.
  • Coupling and/or enhancing capabilities of black-box numerical software packages.