Greenwich Community Fund

We are dedicated to empowering student ambition, which is why we’ve created the Greenwich Community Fund.

Greenwich Community Fund

The Community Fund enables a diverse range of student-led projects and activities designed to develop confidence and provide unique experiences and training opportunities.

This year  saw the pilot for the Greenwich Community Fund, marking the beginning of an ongoing partnership between the Alumni and Development Team and Greenwich Students’ Union.

The Greenwich Community Fund is supported entirely by philanthropic donations from the alumni community; the key idea behind the Fund is to empower students to run community projects that benefit an aspect of the University strategic plan, help improve employability, and have longevity over future years.

Eco Team Greenwich is a project that began with former Greenwich Students’ Union (GSU) President Henry Setter. Its aim is to improve environmental consciousness across the University, and educate students, staff and the community about sustainable practices. Working with the Greenwich Sustainability Hub, GSU, the Green Pod and staff across the University provided a solid base to then launch the Green Ambassador project. This paid for four students across the campuses to dedicate time per week to these sustainability aims. The Green Ambassadors undertook a variety of activities, including running an event (featuring Alumni and founder of The Planet Mark, Steve Malkin ), hosting a quiz, sharing sustainability tips on social media, and organising a virtual garden growing competition.

Martina Gozzi is a recent graduate who led on the Green Ambassador programme. When asked about how she got involved in Sustainability she said “after being a part of Eco Team Greenwich, I was encouraged by GSU Officer Niel Lewis to pitch the Green Ambassador programme. This has been a great experience professionally and has also expanded my knowledge about sustainability.”

For Peter Watson, first year Environmental Sciences student, becoming a Green Ambassador was “an opportunity to help the University become more sustainable during my time as a student. I wanted to raise awareness of various projects that I think are worthwhile to Greenwich’s sustainability goals. My favourite part of being a Green Ambassador was getting involved in the GreenPod podcasts.”

You can listen back to these GreenPod episodes online or on Spotify: Green Criminology; Ecosia; The Pasta Straw.

Yasinur Jabed joined the Green Ambassador team in the final year of his International Business undergraduate degree. With intermittent government lockdowns he noted that “engaging students amid the pandemic was the biggest challenge for me. Organising the Sustainability Conference  with keynote speakers from SOS-UK (Students Organising for Sustainability UK), the Fairtrade Foundation and the University of Greenwich School of Economics and International Business was my biggest achievement in raising awareness.”

Despite this he said that the “experience helped me to learn more about sustainability, and made me aware of sustainability in the academic sector, which I will continue following throughout my career. Fortunately, I have been elected as a GSU Officer this year. This role helped me to build my connections alongside my other involvement at Greenwich. I am sure in five to 10 years’ time when I look back at my university life, this involvement will make me proud!”

Being a Green Ambassador required students to learn a variety of skills and to think outside of the box. For Elsa Rodriguez this experience allowed her to build on transferrable skills that she could apply to her International Tourism & Hospitality Management Masters degree:

As part of the Green Ambassador role, I was the social media manager. This allowed me to gain skills in content creation and learn about increasing social media reach. I believe these skills are very useful as I want to go into sales and marketing. My favourite part of the project was seeing how much interest there was in the virtual garden competition and learning from it. Since researching how to grow plants from food scraps I have grown a mint that has now flowered, and I can’t wait until I can have a bigger garden where I can grow my own fruits and vegetables.