Hardship Fund

Providing vital support to students experiencing financial hardship.

Support our students

For students with limited resources, any unexpected cost can land them in genuine financial hardship. Your generous donation can help ensure a University of Greenwich student continues their studies and reaches their full potential.

Coronavirus has changed all of our lives and, as a community, we are doing what we can to transition to the new world we live in. For some of us, the challenges are harder than they are for others.

Some of our students expected to balance the demands of their degrees with caregiving responsibilities, part-time work and other essential commitments. The pandemic was not something we expected and more students are facing financial difficulties as a consequence.

In Spring 2020, we set up the Emergency Covid-19 Hardship Fund to alleviate some of the pressures faced by those most affected by the lockdown. Alumni and friends supported us, including Santander Universities who generously provided £19,000 donation helping many of those in immediate need.

Receiving a laptop allowed me to sit my essential exams and I have used it for uploading software that my original computer doesn’t allow me to do. This has made me realise even more that Greenwich fully supports students as throughout this situation my lecturers and other relevant teams have been responding to my emails with various options to help me. It has made me feel less stressed about the current situation knowing that I will be able to complete my work and not have additional pressures during my hand-ins and exams. I have felt totally supported by Greenwich.

Nima Haftbaradaran: BEng Hons Engineering MGT, 2021

Can you help?

The impact of Covid-19 on students is wide-ranging and likely to continue. Although we are doing all we can to mitigate, your support can provide vital help to students who, through no fault of their own, are struggling to keep up with the costs of studying.

You can support students who do not have the right equipment to study remotely, or who have lost much-needed income through part-time employment.

Your generous contribution can help us to remove the barriers faced by some of our students, by supporting them with the costs of studying and allowing them to reach their full potential during one of the most difficult periods experienced by Higher Education.

Any gift you are able to make during these difficult times is gratefully received.