Stephen Lawrence Scholarship

2024 marks the 50th anniversary of Stephen Lawrence's birth, the University of Greenwich continues to celebrate his legacy through the established Stephen Lawrence Scholarship programme.

Honour Stephen’s life and legacy

Stephen could not fulfil his dream of becoming an architect. With your support, we can offer this scholarship to more Black students who want to achieve a career in architecture.

University of Greenwich is working with the Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation to honour Stephen’s life and legacy by establishing a new scholarship programme in his name in 2023.

Stephen Lawrence grew up in South East London and wanted to become an architect. Stephen was talented at mathematics, art and design. With architecture he could combine these talents and do something impactful. In 1993, when Stephen was only eighteen years old, he was murdered by strangers in an unprovoked racist attack that shocked the nation.

The initial police investigation failed to secure any convictions, and Stephen’s family became tireless campaigners for justice. Stephen’s mother, Baroness Lawrence became a prominent figure in the fight against racism and injustice. In 1999, the Macpherson Inquiry, which she tirelessly campaigned for, concluded that the police investigation into Stephen's murder had been marked by institutional racism.

The report made a series of recommendations to address these issues, calling for reform within the police force and the legal system. This watershed moment marked a turning point in the way the UK addressed issues of racism, prompting a national conversation about equality, diversity, and the need for systemic change.

Baroness Lawrence was a member of University of Greenwich staff, and was studying for her degree at Greenwich at the time of Stephen’s murder. In 2006, she also became an Honorary Doctor of the University. We continue to work together, now through her charity, the Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation to honour Stephen’s legacy.

The Foundation takes its name from Stephen Lawrence Day which is officially marked in the British calendar as a celebration of Stephen’s life and legacy. In 2023, to mark the 30th Anniversary of Stephen's death, the University of Greenwich announced a new scholarship programme in his name.

“Baroness Lawrence completed her degree at the university in 1995, just two years after Stephen's murder. Her dedication to honouring her son's memory is exemplified by her tireless efforts to improve the lives of young people and create a positive legacy in his name. The shared objective of inspiring a more equitable society in which access to education and employability is not restricted for those who are most marginalised is at the heart of our partnership with Greenwich, and the proximity of the university to where Stephen lived and died adds poignant significance to the impact of the partnership." - Jessica Neil, Chief Executive at the Stephen Lawrence Foundation.

Architecture at Greenwich

This architecture course is taught in our state-of-the-art Stockwell Street Building, designed by renowned architects Heneghan Peng.

Stephen could not fulfil his dream of becoming an architect, which is one reason why the first Greenwich scholarship in his name will provide an £18,500 cash bursary or fee waiver for the Architecture Part 2 MArch course. The new scholarship is specifically aiming at Black students from low socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as those who are estranged or have experience in the care system. We have also chosen architecture first to address the lack of representation in the industry. A recent survey by the Architecture Registrations Board (ARB) revealed that only 1% of UK architects identify as Black, while 83% come from white ethnic backgrounds. The financial barriers to training and qualification are identified as a significant obstacle the scholarship aims to mitigate.

Students require professional practice work experience and a portfolio before completing the two-year, full-time Masters programme.

“We are immensely proud of our partnership with the Stephen Lawrence Foundation and Baroness Lawrence. Stephen’s legacy for change will be continued and celebrated through this new scholarship and we are honoured to be the institution that will offer it." - Professor Jane Harrington, Vice-Chancellor & CEO of the University of Greenwich.

We are fundraising to offer more scholarships year after year. With your help we can ensure that students receive the full Greenwich experience; we need both financial and non-financial support. We want to hear from individuals and organisations who can sponsor a scholarship and also mentor, inspire and provide paid work opportunities for our students.

Stephen Lawrence Day

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