Think and Act: Criminology!


If you’re considering studying Criminology at undergraduate level here’s a little inspiration to get you thinking about the subject more.

Whether you're new to criminology or just can't get enough of this fascinating subject, our criminology academic staff have some suggestions - if you're aiming to study at undergraduate-level - which might help and further inspire you!

  • Observe: When you’re out and about, look for things that are there to prevent crime or control behaviour. Obvious things are the police or CCTV but consider barriers, paths, signs etc. What impact do you think they have on the way you and others see, feel and act?
  • Criminal Justice in action: Most people are allowed to visit a range of courts in England and Wales. Do some research online, arrange a visit and then think critically about what you see. How is law and order being enacted in that space? How is crime and deviance being labelled and responded to?
  • Read, read, read(!): There’s no substitute. A good, accessible, introduction (which should be available to borrow from your local public library in the UK) is the ‘Routledge Companion to Criminological Theory and Concepts’ which Greenwich’s very own Dr Ben Hunter and Dr Michael Fiddler contributed to!
  • Crime and the media: Offenders, victims and state responses to crime are in the news every day. Keep up-to-date with coverage across a variety of reputable media sources. Think about the potential motivation(s) of the offender(s) and those of the sources’ authors and/or editors. Consider the language used and any audience response - what messages do you think these send?

We hope some of the pointers above help to get you thinking a little more about this intriguing subject-area and make you want to dive deeper into the world of Criminology!

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