Kerian Jones: The BSc Economics programme has deepened my understanding of my career prospects


Kerian Jones

Meet Kerian Jones who is a final year student, studying Economics with Banking. In this article, Kerian talks about her experience at Greenwich and her placement year at Microsoft. She gives advice to current and prospective students.

My name is Kerian Jones, I live in Essex, and I am in my final year at the University of Greenwich, studying BSc Economics with Banking. The main aspect that makes the University of Greenwich stand out from the rest is their amazing career support. Both the Business School Employability Office (BSEO) and my lecturers have really helped me to understand what I would like to pursue after completing my degree. Also, I love where the University is situated, it's a lovely view to look across the Thames and see where I could be working in the future! Economics is constantly evolving, and you can observe it. I enjoy learning about the economy and how the effect that policy decisions have on the wider public. When choosing this subject, I really made sure that I went through each academic year and looked at what I would be learning. I looked at other Economics courses for different universities and Greenwich was the most appealing to me.

I can honestly say every lecturer throughout my time at university truly cares about the development of their students which is both inspiring and valuable.

There are endless opportunities to network with each other whether it be a ‘Rethinking Economics Event’, attending a ‘Big Picture Seminar’, or a ‘Networking Professionals event’.

My favourite module must be my second year "Quantitative Methods for Economists" taught by Edna Solomon. Her passion for Economics was very evident! And her delivery of lecture and seminar content and the way she broke down the specific calculations step by step really helped to deepen my mathematical and statistical knowledge of economics, which was an area I was previously weak in. I truly enjoyed revising for this module and this showed in my end of year examinations.

Each module throughout my degree has taught me that there are many career paths that I can go down, which at the beginning, I thought was very limited. I know that I can now work in credit, or as a consultant or as an analyst. This programme has really deepened my understanding of where I can work in the future.

I did my placement year with Microsoft as a Customer Success Account Manager Intern. My role included working closely with the NHS and the Ministry of Defence in the aftercare stages of them purchasing their unified support contract. I made sure that they were using all their deliverables bought as part of their contract to ensure they received the best value for it. I led demonstrations on an internal Microsoft platform to guarantee that our customer understood how to make the best use out of it.

I found the process of securing a placement difficult before I went to visit the BSEO. Once I decided that I wanted to try to secure an internship, I visited the BSEO office every week to receive help with my CV, cover letter and applications. On a particular visit, I went to visit a Placement Champion, Nora Horn who had just completed her internship year at Microsoft and she encouraged me to apply. I wasn't aware Microsoft had internships nor had I thought I would be successful!

After completing my placement year in the technology sector and having a degree in banking/finance and economics, I have decided that I want to pursue either one of those sectors or find a role where I can combine both my interests (for example, Fintech). I am not completely sure; however, this is a possible route that I will be taking in the future.

For current students, I would say that we have been learning in a different type of environment for the last year or so and it’s something that all of us still find difficult to navigate. My advice would be, don’t be too hard on yourself as we are all in this together.

Furthermore, get into the routine of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, especially while you’re in university because it is a safe space to do so.

Join the events that the university put on, network, and meet other students and lecturers, use the free facilities that the university have put in place for us and in turn your understanding will deepen. Also, remember to have fun!

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