Key activities before leaving the office


Actions to take prior to moving to a virtual university

Given the Vice Chancellor's announcement yesterday, there are some key activities which you need to complete before your office moves to a partial closure and the university operates as a virtual campus.  

All staff must leave their PCs switched on during the partial closure, so that essential security updates can be pushed to all our machines.  

This is also particularly important for staff using the VPN to log in to their PCs for essential services, who may already be working from home. 

Therefore, below is a list of actions which must be completed before your office is vacated. 

  • If you are the last in the office, please make sure all PCs are logged off but switched ON before you leave.  
  • Keyboards, mice and other DSE equipment may be borrowed to take home with the agreement of your line manager, in order to work more comfortably during this period. 
  • Other hardware, such as monitors, USB chargers and desktop equipment must be switched off or unplugged to reduce fire risk and save energy
  • Don't forget physical data security, lock away sensitive hard copy information, and transport devices and papers home securely

In addition to these actions, we would like to remind you of several other important pieces of information